Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards Part Two
©1975 Karl Fulves, NJ
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 80 pages
Methods With Cards Part Two
Image courtesy eBay seller KochMagic
Karl Fulves: Methods With Cards Part Two

Comments: A three part set. As part two, the page numbering starts with page 81 through 160.

Contents (from eBay description, numbers are not page numbers)

1 Double Take
2 Blank Intruder
3 Ambitious Library
4 Second To None
5 Face-Up Switch
6 Named Trap
7 One Finger Double Lift
8 Ambitious Lady
9 Pharo Here
10 Topological Card Tricks
11 Split Level
12 Topological Trap
13 Torn And Quartered
14 The Cage Effect
15 4th Warp
16 The Phantom Count
17 Find The Lady
18 Poker Vs. Monte
19 No-Gimmick Phantom
20 Half In
21 Bottom Palm Replacement
22 Repeat Under Spread Loading
23 Cut To Win
24 Illusion Aces VI
25 Tunnel Space
26 Simplex Color Change