Fulves, Karl: Money Moves
©1989 Karl Fulves
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 33 pages
Money Moves
Image courtesy e-Bay seller LeoCuellar

Comments: Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt. "Short change material is not endemic to the literature of money magic. Much of this material in the following pages deals with tricks of this kind."


2 Rush Hour: pickpocket trick
5 Out Take: coin transpo
7 Codex: quarter to gold coin
8 Paymaster (Jack Miller): bill trick
10 Zimzum: coin thru paper
13 Cop a Bill: short change method
16 Transcam: and a trick therewith
17 Bunco Bills: short change routine
21 Cop a Bill II
25 Outboxed: repeat coin in box
27 Change Reaction: $5 to $10
30 Undercover: coins across
33 Shake Out: 1's separate from 5's