Fulves, Karl: Self Working Coin Magic
1989 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Books
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 136 pages
Fulves: Self Working Coin Magic
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Comments: 92 Foolproof Tricks. Nice inexpensive book on coin magic that is mostly easy to do Some favorites include: 1 Quarter Bet; 4 One from Two; 5 Quick Print; 8 Never Was; 9 Slap Coin; 10 Money Makes Money; 13 Crash Glass; 14 Hot Silver; 15 Air Traffic; 17 Drop Kick; 19 Tunnel Move; 22 Winged Silver; 29 Bill Flip; 56 The Masked Move; 63 Money Fly; 64 Safe Deposit; 66 Mystic Dime; 67 Topsy Turvey; 70 Bunco Bills; 71 Shortchanged; 72 Bamboozled; 77 Metalogic; 81 Thru & Thru; 87 The Miser's Dream


1 Easy Money Magic:
1 Quarter Bet: Half dollar covers quarter, but a dime is revealed
2 Money Changes: Dime cleanly shown changes to a half dollar
4 Five Riser: $1 on top of a $5 is rolled, now the $5 is on top
5 One From Two: Two coins shown front and back; one cleanly put in pocket, two are in the hand!
6 QuickPrint: paper turns into a $5 bill
7 Quick Copper: English Penny and Half Dollar magically separate
9 Animation: Stunt of bag of coins rattling
10 Never Was: A coin vanishes under a hanky

12 Stand Up Magic
12 Slap Coin: Hand containing coin is slapped, the coin is now on top!
14 Money Makes Money: Bill shown and folded, a coin falls out
15 Penny Tration: Seven coins are counted into spectator's hand, one leaves
16 Impromptu Bill Vanish: Rolled up bill vanishes
18 Crash Glass: Coin penetrates bottom of held glass
19 Hot Silver: Coin vanishes from hanky, appears in a hanky in a bag
21 Air Traffic: Pen pushed through hand vanishes and a coin appears
22 Higher: One half worn as a monocle disappears as magician turns around

24 Matter Thru Matter
24 Drop Kick: Four half dollars covered with a cup, one penetrates the table
25 Timing Pattern: Two coins repeatedly counted, one penetrates table
27 Tunnel Move: Coin slapped to the table, moved, and penetrates
29 Glass Go Coin to be vanished under paper, covered by glass
31 Rub a Dub: Half dollar rubbed thru the table
33 Winged Silver: Con Vanishes From hanky covered glass

35 Coin Stunts:
35 Stay Put: Coin stays balanced on finger despite slap of the palm
36 Flip Out: Coin tossed from palm mysteriously spins
37 The Pivot: Quarter can be pivoted around quarter, spectator can't do it
38 Reflexes: Spectator can't catch the dollar
39 Metal Bending: Rocked coin "bends" visible
40 Tower of Nickles: Dime on top of stack, how do you make it the 2nd coin?
40 Bill Flip: Wallet flips in air and is caught
41 Spread the Wealth: Mathematical star puzzle
42 Penny Hex: rearrange the coins to form a hex
43 Dates: Find 1776 on a dollar
43 Snow: Finds anagram of "a white snow" on dollar
43 Key & Scale: Find key and scale on a dollar
44 On the Line: place 3 pennies so two heads and two tails are on sides
44 Triangle Solitaire: game to solve in fewest moves
45 Touch Four: arrange six pennies so each touches four others
45 Two Headed Coin: How many heads? (2)
45 How many Eyes on a $1
46 Betting Lincoln: $5 bill land Lincoln Up?
46 Not a Half: Two coins total 55 cents, one is not a half dollar
46 Penny Catch: Found with head on one side, one on the other
46 Penny Checkers: Form four stacks in four moves
47 How many Ones on a $1
47 Date Bet: Get you can get closer to the date
47 Balancing Act: Balance a coin on the edge of a dollar
48 Confucius Coins: Rearrange rows of coins
50 Sharpers Game: Dime & Penny game

51 At The Table
51 Nimble Nickles: five coins gathered, one in each hand One moved, suddenly all move
53 Twist: a coin vanishes inside a twisted hanky under salt
55 Penny Ante: Two pennies covered by hands end up under one hand
56 Mobility: Three coins in a triangle covered by cards, one moves
57 Down Under: a coin thrown up vanishes, thrown from the floor
60 Cover Up: Coin Matrix
62 Duet: Three coins in hanky, one penetrates table

65 Swindle Switch
65 The Masked Move: Coin and bill under hanky, coin penetrates
67 Thru the Ring: Coin in hanky through ring, hanky pulled and the coin is freed!
68 Lock Pick: Coin and key switch places in a hanky
69 Miller's Magic: One handed coin penetrates hanky

72 Prepared Tricks
72 Half & Half: Bill is put in envelope which is cut in half, two half dollars pour out
74 Two coins: two coins and two cards move mysteriously
77 Porous coin: A pin passes through a coin wrapped in paper
78 Money Fly: three coins on a bill, the dime is selected and the others given to spectator They switch
80 Safe Deposit: a $1 and $5 are folded, the $5 vanishes
81 Magnetizo: a bill clings to another
82 Mystic Dime: Two half dollars in a cup penetrate the table to join coins in another cup
85 Topsy Turvy: Three copper, three silver in purse Three coppers go to a second purse
86 Astral Coins: Two coins penetrate up and down table with two cards
90 Puncture: A pencil penetrates a bill wrapped in paper

93 Short Change Tricks
93 Bunco Bills: The spectator is short changes after a purchase
95 Shortchanged: A $5 and $1 put in spectators pocket and the $1 is removed They switch
97 Bamboozled: Money counted is different each time

101 Money Mental
101 Divination: Three pairs of coins under three cards Magician determines which
102 Time Will Tell: Coins in clock turned over, magician matches them
104 Take One: Spectator takes a quarter, one half, or dollar The magician determines which one
105 Destiny: A coin is chosen A deck is dealt into four piles, the date matches the cards
106 Metalogic: Penny, Nickle, Dime, Quarter: magician can determine which one held
107 Immovable Object: Coin dropped in one of six glasses, moves, and matches

109 A Lesson in Timing
109 Easy as 123: lesson in False Transfer by Bill Wisch
112 Coin thru the table: an application of the above

113 Haunted House:
113 Thru & Thru: A glass with a coin passes through to a second glass (Roy Walton)
114 Rebound: Silver in paper envelope switches with copper in envelope
117 The Gathering: Coin moves from card to card in old card game
119 Sealed Box Mystery: A coin penetrates up through the table to match box
122 Holed Out: A coin is pushed through two holes smaller than itself
125 Coins & cups: four coins transfer from one cup to another

127 Platform Tricks
127 The Miser's Dream: uses a paper bag
129 Hyper Banking: Coin pushed through slot in card disappears
131 Coinjuring: Coin tossed vanishes Caught in hat, through to glass
132 A Stab in the Pack: Deck wrapped with dollar, a knife finds the card
134 Pay Day: $20 put in one of three envelopes, others are torn up
135 Easy Money: Mathematical coin date book test