Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Table Magic
97 Foolproof Tricks with Everyday Objects
1981 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 122 pages
ISBN: 0486241165
Fulves: Self Working Table MAgic
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Comments: Beginner's magic utilizing everyday objects Some principles all magicians should learn, and a few interesting effects in the rubber band section, as well as a few others Cups and balls description is the standard instructions that come with the cheap plastic sets


1 Money Magic
1 Quicksilver: coin through handkerchief
3 Mystery Vanish: a coin to be vanished by a pencil results in the pencil vanishing instead
4 Ghost Coin: coin vanishes though audibly dropped in a glass under a handkerchief
5 The Backward Ghost: Coin flips over in a glass of water
7 Hole in the Pocket: marked coin dropped in pocket ends up under foot
8 Sealed Silver: Three coins taken from envelope, one vanishes and is found back in envelope
9 Merlin's Magic: 7 pennies are poured from a book into the spectator's hand Magician vanishes another coin, and the spectator now has 8
11 The Escape Artist: 3 coins placed down spectator's sleeve, one coin penetrates
13 Million Dollar Mystery: 12 coins are placed face down/up Magician takes any six behind his back and matches the number of up/down remaining

15 Magic Show In a Matchbox
15 Euclid's Triangle: match puzzle
16 Squaring the Square: square puzzle
16 Four Square: 4 Square puzzle
17 The Roman Equation: Match match puzzle
17 A Fish Story: fish figure
18 Tipsy Cocktail: glass figure
19 The Little House: house puzzle
19 Worlds Strongest? feat of strength stunt
20 Who Pays the Bill? Magician always leaves the last match
21 Matching Matches: mathematical trick
22 The Jumping Match: match jumps when touched by another
23 The Penetrating Matches: matchsticks

26 Dice Dexterity
26 Dice Catch: toss two dice into a cup (stunt)
27 Controlled Dice Shot: odds of throwing a 1 or a 6
28 The Thirteenth Turn: magician determines if a die was turned 12 or 13 times
29 Dial-a-Spell: Die turned to spell either Washington or Lincoln, magician knows which
30 The New Dropout: dropping a die from between two others (stunt)
31 Technicolor Dice: 3 colored die thrown as indicated on slips of paper Magician predicts total
32 Mental Die: Another dice turning effect
34 Logic Dice: and yet another
35 The Red Prediction: You will choose the only red card

38 Conjuror's Collection
38 The Cups and Balls: Carl Brema routine - the basic routine that comes with most of the plastic cups balls sets
40 Movie Star Magic: Magician and spectator select only female star on 12 slips of paper, all the others have the same male actor
42 Hocus Pocus Puppet: handkerchief puppet and a balancing act
44 An Amazing Apple: apple bounces off the floor
46 The Apple Monster: another version with a bite out of it
47 The Great Bottle Mystery: a cigarette falls into a bottle when balanced on a loop of paper
48 Mystery Spinner: spinning an egg
48 Strong Man Stunt: Only magician can tear the rolled napkin
49 Calculated Capital: BOISE
49 Balloon Burst: Balloon changes colors after popped in a bag
50 Puncture Proof: balloon stuck with a needle doesn't pop
51 An Airtight Case: another approach
52 Loops Entwined (Jack Avis): two loops of rope covered with handkerchief are mysteriously joined

54 Psychic Tricks
54 The Mind Dowser: An experiment in static electricity
55 Left-Handed Thoughts: penny & nickle addition
56 The Psychic Motor: paper balanced on a needled moves
57 Unlisted Numbers: 2 person mind reading with a credit card
59 Right on Time: a clock in your head
60 The Mind Transmitter: Clever code using a pen
62 Clocks: Magician matches the time of a spectator's watch with his own
63 The Eight-Object Test: 8 objects in a box, magician determines the one thought of
63 Behind Closed Doors: Spectator writes 2 symbols that match magicians' (pure chance)
64 The Borgia Cup: Magician finds the cup with the poison pill under it

67 Elastic Illusions
67 54 Twister: Only magician can untwist the rubber band
68 Tale Twister: variation with pens and rubber band
69 Slippery Shears: a rubber band changes position on a pair of scissors held by spectator
70 Bet a Band: band jumps to the finger that isn't touched
71 The Jumping Rubber Band: band jumps from 2 fingers to other two
73 Double Jump: as above, but doubled
73 Flying Clipper: variation where paper clip appears to jump bands
74 A Quick Getaway: rubber band penetrates a pencil pushed through an index card
75 Strange Interlude: spectator repeats magician's stunt with 2 bands, then the 2 bands turn into one

77 Hanky Panky
77 Not a Knot: vanishing knot
78 The Appearing Knot: appearing
79 Transposition: a routine using both of the above
80 The Knot Paradox: tie a knot without letting go of the ends
81 The Second Paradox: another method with the aid of the spectator
82 The Third Paradox: and yet another version
83 Popper Up: pencil through handkerchief
84 Comedy Vanish: pencil vanishes from under handkerchief with a comedy finish
85 Fourth-Dimensional Hanks: penetrating handkerchiefs
86 The MacCarthy Hank Fold: unique fold allows you to steal objects dropped in the folds, with a coin routine and other ideas
89 Time Flies: routine using the MacCarthy fold A watch is smashed against the table, but when the handkerchief is opened the watch is not there and is safely on the magician's wrist

91 Close-Up Illusions
91 Dexterous Digits: pinky stretch illusion
92 It Floats!: toothpick floating (2 methods)
94 An Optical Trick: two sticks look the same length but aren't
95 Whisk Away: an illusion with sound and touch
96 Looking-Glass Logic: mirror images of sentences with several variations
99 Hypercard: an index card cut and folded into an impossible looking shape
100 The Fifth Dimension: using the above idea for a magic trick

103 The Linking Pins
103 Safety Pin-Up: two safety pins are unlinked
104 Swindle Pins: two pins unlink from the spring end
105 The Impossible Unlink: an impossible looking unlinking
107 The Repeat Impossibility: another version
107 Un-Safety Pins: pins twist and unlink in spectator's hand
108 Quick Release: magician beats the spectator
109 Pin-a-Tration: pins penetrate a handkerchief
109 Ultra Penetro: a pin incredibly unlinks from a handkerchief

112 Pen-Ultimate Magic
112 Buttonholed: pen with a loop on it can only be removed from a buttonhole by the magician
114 Loophole Magic: variation of above using a coffee cup
114 The Snapper: pen cap snaps back on the pen
115 The Hands Only: pencil stunt can't be duplicated, then pencil vanishes
117 Invisible Ink: pen vanishes under handkerchief
118 Pen Kink: borrowed pen is used to write with, then apparently returned to magician's pocket When spectator objects, it is pulled from the spectator's pocket
118 Write Off: variation where pen changes to a pencil
119 Ink of Another Color: another variation where the pen writes in a different color
120 Pen Ultimate: pen dropped down right sleeve comes out left, then doubles in length