Fulves, Karl: Shape Changers
©1979 Karl Fulves
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
Shape Changers
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Comments: From the introduction: "In the early 1960s the thought came to mind that would be interesting to develop ideas were playing cards change shape. The concept of a transformation isn't new, the classic diminishing cards being an obvious case in point. But there are limits on what layman will accept in that make-believe game of card magic. They might accept the idea of a card shrinking, but they aren't and never will be prepared to accept the idea of a card changing from a rectangle to triangle or a pretzel or a bowl of Farina. So, there have to be constraints. Beginning from a modest premise, numerous ideas were worked out within what I think are reasonable limits. The first part of this manuscript is a direct replay of a November 1, 1967 manuscript. It considers tricks like this; a bridge-size card is placed in contact with a poker-sized card immediately expense becomes poker sized."


1 Combinations
3 Some Basic Techniques
3 An Appearance
4 Disposal Technique
4 Meltdown
5 One From Two
7 Club Duo
9 Impromptwo
10 An Expansion Sandwich
11 Here And There
13 Sundry Tricks
13 Expansion Of Matter
14 Brutus Method
14 Sit-Down Approach
15 Sneak Attack
16 Size Wise
17 Note To Close

19 Part Two
19 Drink This
24 Noted In Passing
25 Shape Changers
33 One Any-Deck Method
33 The Other Any-Deck Method
34 Hallucinating Pip
34 Blind Ambition
37 Rule 42 (Cyprian & Fulves)
41 KF Notes
41 Cyprian/Fulves Method
43 Connections
44 Stretch Ref