Fulves, Karl: Six Impromptu Card Tricks
©1982 Karl Fulves
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Six Impromptu Card
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Comments:  From the introduction: "It is interesting to speculate on the absolute minimum you would have to do with the deck of cards to establish your credentials. You know your prowess has been recognized when somebody exclaims, "I wouldn't want play cards with you!" What's the least you’d do to elicit that response? Would a one-hand cut do it? A pressure fan? A Hindu shuffle? Card men have had the unsettling experience of hearing laymen rave about so-and-so at the office who’s a genius with a deck of cards. Later, when so-and-so performs at the office party, it turns out the one card trick, he does is an elementary version of a mechanical card trick. If this is the layman's standard of excellence, what trick would you do to show that you're at least in the same class with fellow at the office? There are easier questions. What, for instance, would you choose is an opening card effect in a brief demonstration of card magic? In an impromptu setting, when working with the borrowed deck for people who may not know you, it might be wise to begin with, the trick where audience participation is not immediately required. An ambitious card effect or a color separation allows the audience to watch your work. If they find your style compatible, they will be that much more comfortable participating in later tricks where they may be more directly involved." About half material in this book requires no audience participation and serves as get-acquainted interval during which the audience can adjust to your delivery. In no case does the spectator pick a card and then have the magician look through the deck to find. As the title indicates, at least six of the tricks in this manuscript are impromptu.


3 Digital Diamonds
5 Telefon Trick (Reinhard Muller)
6 Ices And Kings: packet trick
12 One Deck Card Trick
15 Lateral Leap
17 31 Plus (Walton & Fulves)
20 Spectator Aces
23 Dollar Dodge: packet trick
25 Dextral Dollar: packet trick
25 Consumed: packet trick
29 Magna Match
32 Magna II
35 Opus Pocus
38 Zenergy
42 The Higher Elevation
46 Bounce Black: packet trick
47 Tactics: packet trick