Furman, Irv: Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic
2002 Quirk Productions, Inc.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 176 pages
ISBN 1931686017
Amazing Irv's
              Handbook of Everyday Magic

Comments: "Tricks to Confuse, Amuse, and Entertain in Every Situation". Trade paperback of beginner's magic. A decent collection of beginner's magic, with some oldies put into a new light and few more modern effects as well.


7 Introduction

12 Chapter 1: Magic Begins At Home
13 The Family That Plays Together: introduction and tips
14 How to Be a Crayon Psychic: magician tells what color crayon he's holding behind his back
17 How to Perform Paperback Magic: a simple book test with a gimmicked book
20 How to Make Dishwashing Magic: pepper grains are repulsed by your finger
22 How to Make a Ball Dance: a Styrofoam ball floats under a handkerchief
25 How to Conduct Candy Teleportation: two candies transpose between two handkerchiefs
28 How to Vanish a CD: in a flash!
32 How to Make Time Stand Still: second hand on a watch stops on command
34 How to Make Canned Spinach Surprise: Can of peaches turns into can of Spinach
37 How to Magnetize Your Hand: items remained "glued" to your palm (simple and advanced versions)
41 How to Turn Two Pieces of Dental Floss Into One: in the mouth
44 How to Perform Tele(vision) Kinesis: turn on the TV with mind power
46 How to Make Yourself Levitate: Balducci
49 How to Magically Mend a Clothesline: cut and restored

52 Chapter 2: Magic Goes to Work
54 How to Make Rubber Bands Jump: from fingers to fingers (a few versions)
59 How to Make Your Pocket Tape Recorder Predict the Future: using a mathematical force
62 How to Win Friends and Influence People: Magician determines which line of writing was significant
64 How to Get Someone to Beleive Money Really Does Grow on Trees: burnt bill is found restored in an orange
68 How to Make Paper Clips Link Themselves: 8 unlinked paper clips are bound in a rubber band and become linked
71 How to Make a Banana Appear Out of Thin Air - And Make it Split: a banana is magically produced and is already cut into three slices
74 How to Spend Your Quarterly Earnings: marked quarter vanishes from handkerchief and is found in the magician's pocket
78 How to Snake-Charm a Pencil: a pencil rises in a bottle
81 How to Create a Potato Chip Surprise: a ruler is pulled out of a bag of chips
84 How to Make a Calculator Predict the Future: mathematical prediction
86 How to Perform Telepathy with the Company Directory: a phone book test
89 How to Make Time Fly: a time prediction
92 How to Make Jelly Bean Magic With a Breath Mints Box: many multi-colored jelly beans are in a box. Spectator selects a color (ala Hot Rod method) and when the box is emptied, only the selected color beans fall out.

96 Chapter 3: Magic on the Go
98 How to Magically Feeda Parking Meter: coin from a folded dollar, and tears from a coin
102 How to Bend a Spoon with Your Psychokinetic Powers: optical illusion with a little aid
105 How to Magically Force a Bottle Cap Through a Bottle: bottle cap in bottle
107 How to Entertain a Group of Angry Commuters with a Newspaper: clippo
110 How to Catch a Ghost in an Airsickness Bag: a ghost appears under a handkerchief and flies to the airsick bag
113 How to Use House Keys to Predict the Future: magician predicts which of three colored keys would be chosen
115 How to Be a Celluar Psychic: a telephone trick
117 How to Read Someone's Mind: Magician determines selected card even though deck is put back in the case
120 How to Make Magic with a Paper Cup: knot vanishes when string lowered into a cup
123 How to Make an Elephant Appear on a Moving Train: comedy trick

126 Chapter 4: Magic on the Town
128 How to Use Coffee Shop X-Ray Vision: magician determines which of four coins was covered by the cup (confederate)
131 How to Make a Saltshaker Glow Like a Light Saber: glowing salt-shaker
134 Hot to Make Magic with Your Sugar: coin vanishes and is found in a sugar packet
137 How to Make a Coin Pass Through an Ashtray: an ashtray covers a glass and a paper with a coin in it is placed on top. The paper is burned, and the coin drops into the glass.
140 How to Restore a Torn Drinking Straw Wrapper: torn and restored paper
143 How to Make a Shot Glass Disappear: vanishes from beneath a handkerchief (confederate)
147 How to Make Quija Board Magic with a Drinking Straw: a straw answers questions
150 How to Play the Matchbox Shell Game: spectator can't find the matchbox with the coin
154 How to Organize Your Cash with Magic: a stack of bills is mixed face up and down, but rights itself
157 How to Make a Salk Shaker Vaporize: A salt-shaker is used as an aid to vanish a coin, but the shaker vanishes instead
160 How to Stick a Knife Through a Five-Dollar Bill Without Making a Hole: a hole is made in the paper cover, but not the bill
163 How to Read Your Date's Mind: magician predicts a selected number with a Bill or a Business card
166 How to Use Your X-Ray Vision on a Paper Cup: a wadded napkin is placed under one of three cups, and the magician knows which one

168 Appendix A - Magic on the Web
172 Appendix B - Magical One-Liners: some corny jokes
175 Conversion Chart
176 About the Author