Arnold Furst: Magic for Monsters
Furst, Arnold: Magic for Monsters
©1960 Arnold Furst, Genii Publishing Company, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 52 pages
Arnold Furst: Magic for Monsters
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Comments: Was also published as Volume 6 of Francis Marshall's Kid Stuff series (by published Magic, Inc.)

Contents (from book):

5 Meet Arnold Furst (Shari Lewis)

7 Chapter One - Introduction

8 Chapter Two - The Magic Show: patter and performance for the following effects
8 Wand Production From Envelope
8 Vanishing Wand
9 Cut and Restored Rope
10 Knot Off Rope
11 Fresh Fish
13 Twentieth Century Silks
16 Egg Bag
19 Comedy Cut Rope
21 Spelling Cards
23 Bossie The Cow: Milk Pitcher routine
25 Teach-a-Trick: paper tree
26 Ladder: paper tear
27 Multiplying Coins
29 Otto The Automation Card Duck
32 Foo Can
35 Cut and Restored Handkerchief
41 Oscar the Rabbit Production

43 Chapter Three - Basic Principles for Entertainers of Children

48 Chapter Four - Effects Performed in Show: explanation of props used in the effects
48 Production of Magic Wand From Envelope
48 The P&L Vanishing Wand
48 Impromptu Three-to-One Rope Trick
49 The Shoestring Story
49 Fresh Fish
49 The Twentieth Century Silk Trick
49 Egg Bag and Lemonade Routine
50 Long and Short Rope Routine
50 The Spelling Lesson
50 Bossie, The Cow
51 Condensed Milk
51 Christmas Tree And Jacob's Ladder
51 Answer Yes Coin Routine
51 Otto The Automation Duck
51 Ching Ling Foo Can and Water Funnel Routine
51 Mutilated Handkerchief Routine
51 Production of Rabbit From Glass Hat on Glass Table