Andrew Galloway: The Ramsay Finale
Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Finale
©1982 Andrew Galloway, Ayr, Scotland
Hardcover, w/dj, 75x10:, 86 pages
Galloway: The Ramsay Finale
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Comments: The Definitive Magic of John Ramsey From the Dust Jacket: "This book completes the Ramsay Trilogy and contains a wealth of unpublished material for stage or close-up presentation"

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC)

5 Author’s Preface

9 Stage Magic
9 Chapter 1 Comedy Billiard Ball Routine
19 Chapter 2 Paper To Ribbons
27 Chapter 3 Five Fly Cards
35 Chapter 4 Miser’s Dream
41 Chapter 5 Ramsay On The Rea1 Secrets

45 Close-Up Magic
45 Chapter 6 Original Five Thimble Productions
51 Chapter 7 Six Card Repeat
55 Chapter 8 The Forgotten Card Trick
59 Chapter 9 Coin Acquitment
63 Chapter 10 The Changeling
67 Chapter 11 Ring Off Rope
73 Chapter 12 Ramsay Reminiscences