Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Legend - The Magic of John Ramsay
1969 Goodliffe Publications, Birmingham 21; 2nd printing 1975 by Magic, Inc.
Magic Inc.: Softcover, Comb-Bound, 63 pages
Goodliffe: Hardcover
The Ramsay
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The Ramsay Legend
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Comments: Illustrated by Ralph O. Evans. The essentials of this book lie in its clever use of mis-direction. Many of John Ramsay's routines are specifically designed to throw off the magician. The student will do well to learn from these descriptions by Andrew Galloway. Lots of clear line drawings.
Note: there is a 1985 Expanded edition as well, which adds: Chapter 9 Ringing the Changes; Chapter 10 Switchback; Chapter 15 The Dissolving Knots; Chapter 19 ...And the Cat Came Back.


iii Contents
iv Introduction: about John Ramsay
v B&W photo of John Ramsay, 1907
vi B&W photo of John Ramsay

1 Chapter One: Master of Misdirection: An essay on Ramsay's mastering of the art of misdirection

3 Chapter Two: Ramsay's Basic Coin Technique
3 The Ramsay Finger Palm: a variation on the standard
4 The Ramsay Coin Vanish: as the coin is taken with the left hand from the right
4 The Utility Switch: one coin switched as two (or more) coins are transferred from hand to hand

5 Chapter Three: Three Coins In the Hat. A multiphase routine in which coins appear, vanish, penetrate, etc. Uses six half-crowns, a hat, and a table. The audience is only ever aware of three coins.

14 Chapter Four: Coins In Glass. Four coins pass one at a time from the right hand to a small glass tumbler held in the left hand. Uses five coins, a glass tumbler, and a simple wooden coin stand (not gimmicked)

17 Chapter Five: Switch is Which? A penny and a two shilling piece are shown. The coins transpose. Uses a shell penny with insert and two identical florins. The misdirection in this simple effect is quite effective.

19 Chapter Six: The Black and White Handkerchiefs. A marked half crown is wrapped in a black handkerchief and held by a spectator. A marked penny is wrapped in a white handkerchief and held by a 2nd spectator. The coins change places. Uses just two pennies, a half crown, and the handkerchiefs, as well as a pencil to mark the coins.

23 Chapter Seven: The New Pocket Coin Trick. This is "an improved version of a trick which John Ramsay contributed to the February 1955 issue of the 'Gen' magazine, the British 'Tribute to Vernon' number." Three coins are placed in a small brass cap. The cap is placed on the back of the hand, and one coin penetrates the hand. Again, Ramsay choreographs this routine to throw off even those in the know of the cap's working. A special coin in this set uses a principle also found with the J.G Thompson Coin and Steve Dusheck's "Shrinking Fluid".

27 Chapter Eight:
27 Slow Motion Coin Vanish. Previously published in the Sphinx. Coin is vanished, both hands shown empty, and the coin can be recovered.
29 Ramsay's Favorite. A coin is tossed from hand to hand, and the left hand closes over it. When opened, the coin is gone.
30 Repeat Coin Through Hand. A coin penetrates the back of the left hand, twice!
31 Appreciations of John Ramsay's Skill: quotes from Abracadabra magazine, Theo Annemann, Milbourne Christopher, Ralph W. Hull, and Les Levante on the skill of Ramsay.

32 Chapter Nine: John Ramsay. A nice biographical sketch of Mr. John Ramsay, born 13 March 1877. Includes a couple of B&W photos from his latter years

37 Chapter Ten: Thimbles
37 Basic Thimble Vanish. When pushed into the left fist
38 Behind the Hand Thimble Vanish
38 Drop Thimble Vanish
39 Slow Motion Vanish
39 Thimble Transposition. White thimble on left thumb changes places with red thimble on right thumb
40 The "Pop" Thimble Production

41 Chapter Eleven: The Ramsay Ten Thimble Production. Excellent routine with the production of five thimbles, and then five more!

44 Chapter Twelve: One Cup and Ball Routine. A routine for a single ungimmicked cup, two small black cork balls, one red cork ball, and a larger "climax" ball. Ramsay used a Indian Cups & Balls style cup, though this is not necessary. Good routine to learn if you're ever asked to do your "Chop cup" routine and are stuck without your Chop cup!

47 Chapter Thirteen: Cut and Restored Rope Routine. A piece of rope is cut in half and the ends are tied together at both ends. The knots vanish and the rope is examined. The knots are then found, one in each pocket. One is tossed to an audience member who has to untie it manually. The other is held by the magician who simple pulls at the knot to untie it. As a surprise climax, the small piece of rope now held is pulled and a full length rope is revealed.

52 Chapter Fourteen: Eight Cards to Pocket. Spectator chooses eight cards and hands them to the magician. The eight cards pass one by one to the magician's pocket selected by a spectator. The magician is able to read the name of each card before it passes, and pulls out that named card from his pocket. Does not use a card index. Includes an alternative approach for the last three cards.

60 Chapter Fifteen: Colour Change. a color change of the face card of a deck of cards

62 Appendix: lists other books and articles by or featuring John Ramsay

63 Errata - The Ramsay Legend. A list of 7 errors in the book along with corrections