Ganson, LewisColombini's Rings Supreme
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series
1978 The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd, Photographs by Aldo Colombini
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 23 pages
Lewis Ganson:
              Rings Supreme
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Comments: Aldo Colombini's Rings Supreme routine utilizing three large rings (two standard, one key). Also requires a silk handkerchief or scarf. Lewis Ganson states, "the Colombini routine would be difficult to better", referring to routines utilizing 3 rings (he feels Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings is the best 6 ring routine).


5 Introduction: Lewis Ganson
7 Requirements
7 The Count: The Three Rings are Displayed
8 The Twisting Move: The Circumference of Each Ring is Shown
8 The Snap Linking: Two rings become linked when snapped by a finger
9 Spinning the Rings: Two rings spin linked to each other
9 Revolve Unlink: One ring is revolved around the other and comes free
10 Thumbs Link: The rings link as the thumbs are brought together
11 Throw and Unlink: A ring becomes unlinked as it is tossed into the air
11 The Crash Linking: One ring is crashed down onto another and becomes linked
12 Slow-Motion Link: the third ring sinks slowly down between the other two and becomes linked
13 Fly Up Unlink: A ring jumps up, becomes unlinked and flies into the air
14 The Gag Link: You fail to link the rings with the forefinger but are successful with the thumb
15 Rings Over the Arms: a ring is unlinked
16 Unlink and Penetration: A 2nd ring is unlinked but the first becomes linked again
17 Spin Unlink: One ring is spun around another and flies off
18 Ring and Silk: A ring penetrates a silk
18 Two Rings and a Silk: The silk is tied to one ring but the ring penetrates the silk and becomes linked to the other ring
20 Three Rings and a Silk: The silk, knotted on one ring, comes free as the three rings become linked
21 Unlinking Three Rings: all three rings become unlinked
23 Conclusion: Lewis Ganson