Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings
A Complete Routine With the Chinese Linking Rings
1958 Harry Stanley Unique Magic Studio
1971 and 1976 The Supreme Magic Co., London
1997 L&L Publishing, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 26 pages
              Vernon's Symphony of the Rings
Harry Stanley edition
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Dai Vernon's
              Symphony of the Rings
Supreme Magic Co. edition
Image courtesy Magic Estate Sale
Dai Vernon's
              Symphony of the Rings
L&L Publishing edition
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Comments: Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings is a classic presentation of the linking rings, and includes some excellent moves. The text is filled with B&W photos, though many are a bit dark with poor contrast. Highly Recommended. Also republished in 1976 by The Supreme Magic Company, London, and then more recently by L&L Publishing.


7 Introduction: "Dai Vernon teaches you to "play" so that you too can perform THE SYMPHONY OF THE RINGS"; Lewis Ganson
9 The Symphony of the Rings: Introduction and advice on performing the linking rings
10 The Rings: What size to use. The "symphony" uses only 6 of the standard 8 ring set.
10 Arranging the Rings: Folding the Chain of Three Rings; The Order of the Rings
10 Performance: Intro to the routine
11 The Count: counting the six rings as all separate
12 The Twisting Move: shows the rings (including the key) as all solid
13 Linking Two Rings: a slow, smooth linking
13 Spinning the Rings: A flourish that also demonstrates all rings are solid
14 Unlinking Two Rings: a swinging unlink
15 Sounding the Rings: Another flourish adds a nice touch
15 The Crash Linking: One ring is "crashed" into the other, where they link
15 The Pull Through: an unlinking move
16 The Chain of Three Rings: introducing the 3 rings with a move from the Odin Count and a toss linking in the air
17 Linking the Two Single Rings and the Key Ring: in a clover leaf formation
18 Unlinking the Rings: with audience participation
19 The Continuous Linking: a very visual linking of 4
20 The Falling Ring: a single ring "tumbles down" through the others
21 The Interlocked Rings: four rings interlock
22 Figures: a couple of ring figures
24 The Long Chain: all six rings in one long chain
24 Unlinking a Solid Ring: the solid single ring is pulled free and fully shown
25 Unlinking All the Rings: each remaining ring is apparently pulled free