Lewis Ganson (editor): Give a Magician Enough Rope...And He'll Do a Trick
Ganson, Lewis (editor): Give a Magician Enough Rope
©1965 Harry Stanley, Unique Magic Studios, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 44 pages

Enlarged and Revised Edition
©1968 Supreme Magic Co. Ltd, Bideford, England
Hardcover, w/dj,  6x9", 125 pages
Lewis Ganson et al: Give a Magician Enough Rope
Harry Stanley edition
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Gansons: Give a Magician Enough Rope
Enlarged and Revised Edition
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Comments: B&W photo illustrated. A variety of rope routines by Lewis Ganson, Peter Warlock, Van Rinkkuyzen, Anverdi, Faucett W. Ross, Jay Ose, Martin Gardner, Edward Victor, Stanley Norman, Norman Rashleigh, Harold Beaumont, C.F. Germelman, Horace Bennett, H. Fernandes, Bill Shewan.

Contents (from revised edition ToC; Items after page 79 are added to the revised edition; updated Dec 2022):

5 Give a Magician Enough Rope (Lewis Ganson): cut and restored with a specially made "rope"
15 Cut-Knot-Join (Rink of Holland): cut and visibly restored
18 Impromptu Neck Penetration (Harold G. Beaumont): good lead into Grandmother's Necklace
19 Rope Thru' Wrist (Rink of Holland): spectator's hold the ends;
- also pulling through the spectator's wrist (Phoa Yan Tiong)
22 Red & White Ropes: knots vanish
26 A Remarkable Square Knot (Rink): Do As I Do, magician's knot vanishes, spectator's doesn't
29 Stretching A Rope (Stanley Norman, Edward Victor, Norman Rashleigh): 12" rope stretched to several feet
33 Equally Unequal Ropes (Lewis Ganson): three uneven ropes become even, then restore
43 Equally Unequal Variations (Lewis Ganson)
- The Visible Unequal Move
50 More Variations (Bill Shewan): the Crossover Move, the Count, a Knotty Fnish
60 Equally Unequal Patter Story (C.F. Germelman)
64 Cut and Restored Rope: Rope cut into three and restored
66 Fast Cut & Restoration (H. Fernandes): approach to the cut loop version
68 Variations on the Hunter Knot (Martin Gardner): instant knot
71 3 Equal Ropes (Peter Warlock): three unequal ropes become the same length and can be used for other effects
74 Jay Ose’s Thumb Tie (Faucett W. Ross)
79 A Ring and A Rope (Anverdi): using a wooden curtain ring about 2" diameter

Added to the new edition:

82 Unique Rope Routine
93 Ring Varia
97 Another Remarkable Knot
103 Sliding and Vanishing Knot
107 Rope Through Neck
112 Fly-Away Knot
115 Dopey Rope
118 En Rapport
124 Knot Flourish