Ganson, Lewis: Unconventional Magic
©1956 Harry Stanley, Unique Magic Studios, London
Hardcover, 60 pages

Also published by The Supreme Magic Co, Bideford, England
Lewis Ganson: Unconventional Magic
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Unconventional Magic
Supreme Magic Edition
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Lewis Ganson: Unconventional Magic

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2 Introduction (Lewis Ganson)

5 Chapter One Free Choice
5 Introduction: Bank Night variation
6 Preparation
6 Performance
7 Holding the Packet of Envelopes
7 Counting the Envelopes
8 The Selection
9 Opening the Envelope

11 Chapter Two Cy Endfield’s Card Penetration and Change
11 Effect
11 Performance
14 Outline of the Routine
15 Chapter Three Bags of Everything
15 Introduction
15 The Apparatus
16 Moves With the Bags and Balls
20 Production of a Glass of Wine

21 Chapter Four Eddie Ward’s Zombie Card Rise
21 Introduction and Explanation

23 Chapter Five Three Penetration Effects:
23 (a) Bertram Millidge’s New Move with the Jardine Ellis Ring
24 (b) Silk Through Ring
25 (c) Silk through Silk

27 Chapter Six Ken Brooke’s Knot-Out plus a simple routine for the Sympathetic Silks
27 The Reef Knot
27 To Upset the Knot
28 Performance
30 The Sympathetic Silks
30 - Effect
30 - Requirements and Preparation
30 - Performance

33 Chapter Seven Ken Brooke’s Presentation of the Vanishing Card Case and Cards
33 Effect
33 Requirements and Presentation
33 Performance

36 Chapter Eight Frederica’s Close-up Thimble Routine
36 Effect: thimble multiples to five and vanish under a handkerchief
36 Method: uses regular thimbles
36 Part I The Introduction
38 Part II The Vanish

41 Chapter Nine Diminishing and Expanding Cards
41 Effect
41 Preparation
42 Performance

46 Chapter Ten Peter Warlock’s The Cardboard Prisoner
46 Effect: card selection becomes impaled on a ribbon in a paper bag
46 Requirements and Preparation
47 Performance

50 Chapter Eleven Tonny Van Dommelen’s Front Page Cards
50 Effect: three selections are revealed in a torn newspaper
50 Requirements
50 Performance
52 Notes

53 Chapter Twelve Marconick’s Gypsy Thread
53 Introduction
53 Requirements and Preparation
55 Performance
58 Ali Bongo's Addition