Gardner, Martin: Cut the Cards
©1942 Martin Gardner
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 34 pages
Cut the Cards
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Martin Gardner: Cut the Cards

Comments: Illustrations by Hahne


3 Introduction (Martin Gardner)
5 A Close Fit (Bert Allerton): clever optical card trick
6 The Unconfused Joker: Joker finds the selection, though audience thinks it could not
7 Double Vanish and Recovery (Ed Marlo): two selections vanish and are recovered
10 Naming the Card Cut: a card naming gag
10 Use Your Head: selection found stuck to the forehead
11 The Surprised Gambler: a gambling expose
12 Paper Clip Discovery: three selections are found stuck together with a paper clip
14 Vanish and Spell: selection vanishes and is found by spelling
16 Deck Through Handkerchief: First selection rises in handkerchief, 2nd is to penetrate the cloth, but the entire deck does instead, leaving the 2nd selection
19 The Swizzle Stick Cipher: a clever card revelation
21 A New False Cut: looks fair from all angles
22 A Miracle - Maybe (Joe Berg): card trick that is good, or could be a great if all goes right
24 A Face to Face Routine: using the Tenkai face-to-face move
25 Tack It (Johnny Paul): card on the wall
27 For the Man in Uniform: a simple, but pointed, card revelation
28 A Curious Card Vanish: from under a handkerchief, to appear reversed in the deck
33 X-Ray Touch: using a combination of old principles