Garrett, Dan: Teasers and Ticklers The Lecture - Book
1979 Pandora Press; 2nd printing (revised) 1983
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 27 pages
Teasers and
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3 The Professor's Daydream: the Professor's Nightmare presented as a German mathematician. The ropes change to the same size and are changed back again. They are then stretched to the same size and tied together, becoming short, medium, and long again while tied. They suddenly change places, are untied, and can be examined.
7 Animal Instincts: tips on handling fake animals such as Rocky the Raccoon
8 Judy the Mouse: tips on this finger puppet
11 The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease: using a Swiss Bird Warbler for interesting sound effects during your show. Note: Dan wrote a book called Squeakeasy on this subject alone!
16 Rings of Saturn: a linking rings routine using 2 singles, 1 key, one locking key. Designed as a silent stage presentation, suitable for any audience
20 The Un-Cut Rope: a routine with the Cut-No-Cut Scissors and cut and restored rope
23 Ballooney Tunes: some quick balloon animals and bits of business
23 The Cross and the Sword (Windy and Sunny): a quick and easy cross/sword
23 Incredible Balloon Octopus (Mark Young): with patter suggestion
24 One Balloon Bee
24 A Slow-Poke Snail
24 B.C. the C.B. Mouse: Citizen's Band (CB) radio gag won't work today!
24 Breaker Breaker One Two: how to share a balloon
25 Mumbo Jumbo: Jumbo cards with words are selected by audience. Selected cards match objects taken from a box