Brent Arthur James Geris: Best of All Worlds
Geris, Brent Arthur James: Best of All Worlds
©2009 The Magic Apple, CA
Hardcover, w/dj, 7x10", 377 pages
Brent Arthur James Geris: Best of All Worlds
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Comments: With contributing authors Bob Postelnik and Duppy Demetrius. Illustrated by Stephen Mitchell. Covers the history and challenges of Paul Curry's Out of This World card effect.

Contents (from book ToC):

ix Preface (Michael Weber)
xiii Foreword (Max Maven)
xvii Introduction (Brent, Bob and Duppy)

1 Out of This World (Paul Curry)
12 (Paul Curry Writes (Paul Curry)
18 Best of Possible Worlds (Paul Curry)
27 Into This World (Acer, David)
32 Out of This World #2000 (Ackerman, Allan)
34 Executive Decision (Allen, Jon)
40 Impromptu Out of This Plus (Ammar, Michael)
43 Out of This Blah Blah Blah (Armstrong, Jon)
47 Feminine Side (Bauer, Ron)
52 Out of This Universe (Becker, Larry)
56 Out of This World (Burger, Eugene)
59 Out of This World-and Back (Busch, Richard)
62 It's a Small World (Colombini, Aldo)
66 As the World Turns - the Re-run (Conn, Doug)
70 Out of This Bradshaw (Dixon, Doc)
75 Out of This World (Draun, Steve)
79 Worlds Apart (Duffie, Peter)
81 * Out of This World (Eason, Doc)
86 Under World (Elmsley, Alex)
88 Even Money Proposition (Fulves, Karl)
93 Color Thot (Gardner, Martin)
95 Magnetic Colors (Gilbreath, Norman)
101 Intuition (Giobbi, Roberto)
105 Nu Way Out of This World (Grant, U.F.)
108 Out of This Water (Guimaracs, Helder)
113 * Difference Maker (Hartman, J.K.)
121 World Class (Hartman, J.K.)
125 Impromptu Card Code (Haydn, Whit)
141 Out of This World (Jay, Joshua)
146 Out of T(his) World (Jermay, Luke)
153 Direct Impact (Knepper, Kenton)
162 Impromptu Out of This World (Lorayne, Harry)
166 Out of This Universe (Lorayne, Harry)
174 Out of This World Handling (Mario, Ed)
177 Out of Sight (Ogden, Tom)
185 Netherworld (Ouellet, Gary)
189 *Future Shock (Parker, Jack)
197 *Hustler's World (Picasso, Tony)
202 Out of This Borough (Regal, David)
210 When Worlds Collide (Richardson, Barrie)
216 Confession (Sankey, Jay)
219 Hemisphere (Sibbemsen, Mike)
224 Into the Next World (Steinmeyer, Jim)
228 Out of This World (Swain, James)
234 Escorial - 76 (Tamariz, Juan)
250 *Out of This World (Valentine, Steve)
252 Prediction Out of This World (Wagner, J.C.)
259 *Taking the World by Storm (Wilson, Gregory)
266 *Out of This World (Wilson, Mark)
268 Way Out of This World (Wilson, Ron)
272 *Out of This Wilson (Wilson, R. Paul)
274 Impromptu Out of This World (Zarrow, Herb)

280 Interviews
280 Fisher, Aaron
281 Zingg, Allen
286 Daryl
287 Regal, David
288 Dixon, Doc
290 Eason, Doc
292 England, Jason
294 Carney, John
295 Jay, Joshua
297 Knepper, Kenton
301 Asher, Lee
303 Jermay, Luke
306 Nash, Martin
308 Green, Paul
310 Benatar, Rafael
311 Osterlind, Richard
312 Giobbi, Roberto
315 Lovell, Simon
318 Minch, Stephen
322 Clark, Tony
323 Giorgio, Tony
320 Tahoe, T.C.

337 Afterthoughts and Essays
337 *Stock Picker (Beck, Norman)
342 Out of This World - and Back (Busch, Richard)
331 Out of This World (Carlyle, Francis)
344 Real Magic (Cover Micah)
348 A Taste of Curry (Hamburg, Howard)
334 Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy (Kaufman, Richard)
354 Out of This World Handling (Mario, Ed)
326 Minority Report (Ortiz, Darwin)
339 Another Idea (Spill, Steve)
340 A Convincing Shuffle (Walsh, Audley)
335 Out of This World - Post Script (Walton, Roy)

356 Odds And Statistics
356 So, What are the Odds? (Benjamin, Arthur)
354 What are the Probabilities? (Blomberg, Tomas)
353 The Chances Are (Scarne, John)

358 References
372 Acknowledgements
375 Index