Gibson, Walter: Fell's Guide to Papercraft
Tricks, Games and Puzzles
©1963 Frederick Fell, Inc., NY
Hardcover, 125 pages
Fell's Guide to Papercraft
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Walter Gibson: Fell's Guide to Papercraft

Comments: From the cover: "This book explains and illustrates every phase of papercraft, the fascinating and enjoyable art of tricks, games, puzzles and decorations made of paper. By simply following the step-by-step, thoroughly illustrated instructions you will learn all the entertaining and decorative things you can do and make with colorful, inexpensive paper."

Contents (from Book ToC; page numbers only for main Chapters):

11 I. Fun With Paper

15 II. Paper Folding
The Base (or Coaster)
Tho Whirligig
The Triple Pleat
The Triple Pleat (Repeated)
The Soldier Hat
The Paper Cup
Strong Paper
The Paper Dish
The Paper Spinner
Napkin to Hindu
Pieces of Eight
The Wonder Ball
Paper Chains

35 III. Paper Tearing Patterns
The Triangular Fold
Port Your Helm
Another Ship's Model
Geometric Pattern
The Filligree
The Cog Wheel
The Gilded Cage

53 IV. Games & Stunts With Paper
First to Fifty
The Knock Out
Three Bags Full
Rapid Smoke Rings
Out of Sight
Stepping Tluuugh A Card
Blow Them Away
Push It Through
The Five-Pointed Star
Making A Quarter

67 V. Paper Puzzles
The Odd Addition
Odd Figuring
Six and Five Makes Nine
Cross Out Groups
The Thirty-One Race
The Impossible Diagram
The Creat "T“ Puzzle
Make Me A Star
Square Away
Nine Dots
The Double Cross

72 VI. Answers to Paper Puzzles

79 VII. Dollar Bill Deceptions
Dollar For Dollar
The Torn Bill
Drop The Buck
Three Out Of Eight
Magic Turnover
The Shrunken Dollar
Money To Burn
Find The Bill

89 VIII. Mental Mysteries With Paper
Color Tell
One Out Of Nine
The Marked Paper
Pick The Slip
Mystic Number Disks
Magic Folder Finder

99 IX. Paper Tricks
Mystic Paper Bands
Transposed Tissues
The Balanced Napkin
The Cutaway Strips
The Baffling Boomerangs
Tearing The Strips
Cut and Restored Paper Strip
The Mystery Box
The Wizard’s Wallet

119 X. Scientific Paper Stunts
Hypnotic Paper
The Magnetic Paper Hanger
Mutual Attraction
Magnetic Miscellany