Gibson, Walter: Secrets of Magic
©1945 Walter Gibson, Pub. WM. C. Popper & Co., NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 50 pages
Secrets of Magic
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Comments: This edition was published during WWII, and includes the statement, "When you are finished reading this book, take it lo your nearest USO Canteen, or leave it at your public library, or mail It directly to COMMANDING OFFICER, 4th Service Command, Atlanta, Georgia, For Army library. This book has been manufactured under wartime conditions in full accordance with all regulations and limitations of the WPB, in particular, L 245."


5 You Too Can Be a Magician: intro
7 Magic Dealers from Coast to Coast
8 Index: contents

9 Mind Over Mind
9 The Portrait Tells: dollar serial number trick
9 The Mental Word: dictionary test
10 Hands In a Row: finding a coin
10 Find the Date: coins
11 Mental Spelling Bee: with silver-ware
11 Old and New: coins
12 Color Concentration: crayon divination
12 Two Number Test: dominoes
13 The Domino Row
13 Find the Bill
14 The Magic Q: coins or checkers
14 Divining Chosen Number
15 Mental Matches
15 No Cause for Alarm: alarm clock baffler
16 Lumps of Sugar
16 The Three Name Mystery
16 Reading Through SEaled Envelopes

17 Mathementalix: number magic
17 Think of a Number
17 Rapid Calculation
18 The Mystic Roll: dice
18 The Telephone Trick
19 Reverse Twist
19 Rows of Cards
20 How Much Money
20 Real Brain Work
20 Name the Coin
21 Take Your Time
21 Close Quarters: gag

22 Two Minds as One: tricks requiring a confederate
22 Three in a Row: which object chosen
22 Odd or Even: coins
23 Odd And Even: another
23 Count the Fingers
24 Higher Mathematics: numbers
25 A Mathematical Problem
25 Arithmetical Divination

26 It's In the Cards
26 Concentrate!
27 Five Card Miracle
27 A Trick With a Point
28 The Mystic Circle
28 Pocket Prediction
29 Lucky Seven
29 Divining the Card
30 Four Heap Mystery
30 The Tell-Tale Card
31 Mental Total
31 Pick It Up
32 Three Card Guess
32 Mental Coincidence
33 The Card That Tells Itself
33 Mental Coincidence
34 THe Mystic Number
34 Mental Effort

35 Magicoddities
35 Mysterious Matches: stand up
36 The Magic Mark: on hand
36 Magnetic Coin: on forehead
37 Immovable Fingers: physical stunt
37 The Magnetized Dice: stick together
38 The Strength Test: another stunt
38 The Magnetized Matches: fall only on command
39 Watch Out: handkerchief and watch
39 Coin Gone!: in handkerchief
40 Coin Pick Up: coin and glass stunt
40 Catching the Dice: in a cup
41 Sliding Matches: puzzle
41 Automatic Knot: in a handkerchief
41 To Push a Coin Through a Ring: gag
42 Jumping Rubber Band: from fingers
42 The Tuneful Tumbler: stunt
42 Separated Cards - Joined
43 Changing an Apple to an Orange
43 The Waxwork Finger: gag
43 Exactly the Same: gag prediction
44 Hynomagic: physical stunts
44 Hypnotized Arms\
45 Magnetized Hand
45 Electric Wave
46 A Mesmerized Wrist
46 A Weak Knee
47 Fingertip Control

48 Gagamentalia: mostly gags
48 Face First: cards
48 What's on the Paper?: under shoe
49 Past Present Future: prediction
49 Any Color: with a single pencil
49 Most Amazing: gag
50 Sniff!: confederate trick
50 The Right Person: with a little palming