Gilbert, B.L.: Patter Chatter Volume 1
©1916 B.L. Gilbert Novelty Magic Co., IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x7", 23 pages
B.L. Gilbert: Patter Chatter 1
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B.L. Gilbert: Patter Chatter Vol 1

Comments: Somewhat wordy patter for common tricks. Some minor routine details are provided as well, but not enough if you don't know the trick.
Note: There is a racist (Chinese) remark in one of the patter bits.


i Preface
1 Introductory Patter
1 Chinese Rice Bowls
3 Twentieth Century Flag Trick
4 Passe Passe Bottles and Glasses
5 Egg Bag and Egg Trick
7 Hydrometer Tube and Flying Handkerchiefs
9 Wine and Water
10 Dyeing Handkerchief Through Hand
10 The Miser's Dream
12 Pigeon or Dove Pan
13 Mail Sack Escape
14 Enchanted Cage and Canaries
15 Welsh Rabbit Pan
17 Welsh Rabbit Pan: another version
17 Hot Coffee Vase
20 Cups and Balls
23 Cups and Balls: Patter to use where no ladies are present