Gloviczki, Peter: The Lecture Notes, First American Tour 1971
1971 Peter Gloviczki
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages

Gloviczki: 1971
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Comments: Illustrated. True lecture notes: brief explanations. Some of these are difficult to figure out without having seen the lecture.


3 Silk To Rose: opener
4 Peter's Walky Ball: interlude for your billiard ball act (uses thread)
4 Balls From Silk: repeat ball production from silk (routine outline, no details)
4 Version On Piet Forton's Cards From Silk Effect: produce cards from silk
5 Three Inch Size Ball Manipulation: probably had to see this one to understand it
5 Gloviczki Real Linking Ropes: provides routine outline (using standard gimmicked linking ropes)
5 The Sisters of Love: "girlie" card trick briefly explained
6 Spooky ESP Glass Routine: Brief explanation of routine for the ESP glass
6 Gloviczki Ribbon Card: spectator finds selection with a ribbon (gimmicked card)
7 The Treasure of Darius: duplicate of chosen jewel appears in chest
7 PG Mirror Card Trick: clever mirror card trick
7 Peter Gloviczki Strange Card Change: odd card changes to selection
9 Ring and Rope: knotting a 3" ring on a rope (could be part of a longer routine)
10 Pop Out Aces: refers you to Genii Magazine for workings!
10 Clear Card Routine: Ace routine with an almost blank deck
11 Peter Kersten and PG Mirror Miracle: clever mirror gimmick described (workings not explained)
11 Card Between Plexi Glass Sheets: a stage principle made for close up card changes
18 Unknotting Knot: for silk