Gloviczki, Peter: Peter Gloviczki (lecture notes)
1985?, published by Peter Gloviczki
Softcover, report bound, 8.5x11", 12 pages
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Comments (Stewart Tame): "gluh-VIT-skee" because I know you're probably wondering. No date on these but I purchased them about 1986 or so. The routine "The Hungarian Linking Ropes" is, or at least was, available commercially from Tenyo, but making a set of one's own wouldn't be too difficult. The instructions for the routine in these notes are reprinted from the Tenyo effect.


1 A New Dissolving Knot: Tied in silk, very effective.
1 Popout Card: Chosen card pops out of deck face up.
2 Silk to Boutonniere: Silk instantly transforms to flower at lapel.
3 The Rambling Ball: Ball "walks" along magician's arm to hand and is immediately thrown freely into the air.
4 Cards from Silk: Cards produced one at a time from silk dangling from other hand.
5 A Deck Bedecked: Deck of cards held together by ribbon threaded through them shown, spectator removes ribbon, chooses card, deck riffled, spectator places ribbon into deck, when pulled to the other end it is seen to be threaded through the chosen card.
6 Peter's Plastic Plates: Two blank cards between two pieces of plexiglass shown, wrapped in newspaper, two cards selected, newspaper opened to show blanks now duplicates of chosen cards.
7 The Hungarian Jumping Jacks: Deck fanned and three Jacks and a Joker seen as last cards in fan, Joker changes to Jack.
8 Hungarian Linking Ropes: Three seperate knotted loops of rope shown, all three link, then unlink, two ropes mysteriously change into giant ring of rope with third ring linked onto it, ring unlinks, giant ring changes back to two smaller rings, all three rings shown seperately, one ring untied, suddenly instead of length of rope and two rings magician now has three pieces of rope knotted together in a single length, magician then removes knots to show that three ropes have blended into a single unbroken length of rope, commercial Tenyo effect.