Will Goldston: Effective Modern Tricks
Goldston, Will: Effective Modern Tricks
©1916 Will Goldston
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 8 pages
Goldston: Effective Modern Tricks
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1 The Resonant Tumblers and Fork Trick
2 Hoffmann's Passe Passe Pence Trick
2 Goldston's Wine and Water Experiment
3 The Resuscitated Tissue Paper
4 The Wonder Handkerchief Wand
4 Aladdin New Ink Transposition Trick
5 A Changing Handkerchief Wand
5 Lightning Handkerchief Vanish in Wine Glass
5 The Hindoo Slave Bangle Trick
6 The Metamorphosis Cylinder
6 The Swallowing Wand
6 Soup Plate and Handkerchief Trick
7 Aladdin Second Sight Pencil Stunt
7 The Cups and Balls Trick
7 The Wooden Card Trick
8 Goldston's "Last Word" Egg Bag
8 The Dissolving Cigar and Glass