Goldston, Will: Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus
©1915 Will Goldston, Ltd., London
Softcover, 105 pages
Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus
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Will Goldston: Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus


Contents (from Book ToC): 

9 Cut the Cards
9 Where Will You Have It?
10 The Card That Does a Turn
11 Tricks With a Pre-arranged Pack
13 Telling the Number of Cards in the Hand by the Weight
13 Thought Reading With a Medium
14 Odd or Even?
15 Blindfolding the Cards
16 The Magnetic Aces
18 The Jumping Card
18 In the Dark
19 "Flight"
20 The Sympathetic Couple
21 The Giddy Card
22 The Twelve Card Trick
22 The Mysterious Pair
23 Change Over
24 The Aviator's Cards
24 The Invisible Flight
25 Cards and Cigar Box
26 Thought Reading with Eight Cards
27 The Card and Pocket Mystery
29 The Three Card Trick
29 The Mexican Turn Over
32 A Thought-Reading Trick With the Whole Pack
33 Another Thought-Reading Trick With One Card
34 "Find It Yourself"
35 Tearing a Pack in Half
36 The Boomerang Card
36 How to Throw a Card
37 To Cause Five Cards to Vanish and Reappear
39 Red or Black?
39 A Novel Discovery
40 Cards Caught in the Air
41 To Make a Card Travel Invisibly from One Hand to the Other
42 The Three Heaps
43 The Four Aces
46 "Esscee" Four Aces Experiment
49 The Tables Turned
51 The Disc of Cards
52 The "Stanley Collins" Card Slip
53 The Concertina Pack
54 The Vanishing and Appearing Pip
55 A Safe Force
58 The A.P. Force
59 Whistle
60 A Quick Card Finding Trick
61 New Playing Cards
62 The Balancing Card
63 Gravity Defied
64 A Good Deception
65 The Hofzinser Section
68 Instructions for Presenting
71 The Sympathetic Numbers
74 Like Thoughts
82 Thought Transmission
89 The Four Eights
100 Everywhere and Nowhere!