Goldston, Will: Tricks and Illusions
1910 (circa) A.W. Gamage, London
Hardcover, no dj, 136 pages

1920 George Routledge & Sons
Hardcover, no dj, 259 Pages
Tricks and Illusions
George Routledge & Sons Edition
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Will Goldston Tricks & Illusions
A.W. Gamage Edition
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Comments: Available as an e-Book from First edition had 136 pages (compared to 259 in subsequent editions), with a few additions as noted below.

Contents (from book Table of Contents, later edition):

iii Introduction

9 Part I - Tricks
9 New Card Catching on Plate
10 The Floating Disc Mystery
11 The Devo Torn Card
12 The Hildyard Target and Cage Illusion
14 The Handkerchief and Sword
16 A Dancing Doll
18 Two Good Bird Cages
19 The Devo Card Trick
21 The Burnt Handkerchief Restored
22 The Candle and Handkerchief Illusion
23 The Chameleon Handkerchiefs
25 The Mahatma Card Divination Illusion
27 The Wedding Ring Passed Through a Handkerchief
28 The Magic Cone
29 The Pistol to Vanish Cards
32 The "Sybil" Bird Cage Illusion
34 The Mahatma Paper and Cigar Trick
38 The Vanishing Bird Cage
40 Novel Flag and Candle Illusion
41 Crystal Box and Handkerchiefs
42 The Vanishing Canaries and Cage Trick
44 Another Canary Cage
44 A Good Coin Illusion
47 Novel Flag or Handkerchief Trick
48 The Chinese Egg Bag Trick
49 Card and Bouquet Illusion
50 The Mystic Travelling Ring
52 An Improved Organ Pipe Production
53 Canary Bird Trick
54 New Multiplying and Disappearing Coins
56 The Nelson Downs Coin and Scale Effect
57 The Lee Bullet Illusion
58 Cards, Coins, and Glass Illusion
60 The Sybil Key Mystery
61 An Improved Torn Card Trick
65 A New Coin Frame
67 A Sensational Card Trick
69 The Adrian Plate Changing Billiard Ball and Handkerchief
70 The Robertson-Keene Novel Cabinet
73 The Duplex Flower Pot Illusion
74 The Tricolour Flower Basket
75 Effective Coin Vanish
75 Indian Jugglery
83 Coloured Sands of Enchantment
84 New Programme, Ring, and Envelopes Trick
85 Spirit Writing
86 The Mystic Celery Glass
88 A Novel Trick
88 The Wine Bottle and Card Trick
90 A Novel Slate Trick
91 A Neat Handkerchief Trick
92 The Egg, Card, and Wand Balance
93 The Table Lifting
94 A Good Slate Trick
94 Slate Writing
96 The Novel Jug and Tub
97 Wonderful Walking Egg
98 Twenty-Five Balloons Produced from Hat
99 Mystic Canister and Birdcage
100 Handkerchiefs Produced from Glass
101 The Egg and Straw Balance
102 Handkerchief Spinning Trick
103 The Candle and Mystic Bouquet
105 A Good Glass Bowl Trick
106 Billiard Balls and Cue
107 Tao-Li-Tao
108 The Marvellous Clock Dial
111 The Duck Cylinder
112 The Secret of Paper Tearing Trick
113 The Vest Servante
114 Lifting a Bowl of Water
115 The Vanishing Halfpence
116 The Flying Coin
117 The Penny Through the Hat
120 The Coin in the Bottle
121 The Improved Servante Tray
121 Improved Vanishing Glass Tumbler
122 Vanishing Handkerchief Produced Dry from a Glass of Wine
123 The Hypnotized Wand
124 The Four Sympathetic Lady Friends
126 The Card and Cigarette Trick
127 The Milk, Wine, and Flag Mystery
130 The Three Wonderful Cards
131 The New Card Trick
133 Dr Elliot's Method of Dealing Seconds
135 A Novel Flower Fke

136 Part II - Handcuff, Box, and Sack Tricks
136 Sack Trick
138 The Mokana Shoe
138 A Manacle Mystery
140 The Bean Handcuff Trick
142 The Figure 8 Handcuff Trick
143 A Handcuff Trick for Test Work
145 The "Bean Giant" Cuff
147 Latest and Best Fkes to Open Regulation Handcuffs and Leg-Irons
149 How to Fke Ordinary Handcuffs
149 The Celebrated Trick Collar and Bolt
150 A New Regulation Police Cuff
152 Escape from Zinc Lined Barrel
154 The Handy Pocket Fke for Regulation Irons
155 New and Improved Fke
155 Original Packing Case Mystery
157 Escape from Packing-Case made by Local Carpenter
159 How to Open Handcuff Without a Key
160 The Rope Trick
161 The Goldston Packing-Case
162 The Barrel Illusion
163 The Escape from the Iron Trunk
163 Escape from Milk Can Securely Padlocked, Containing Three Parts Water
165 Improved Iron Cage
166 The Improved Packing Case Mystery

168 Part III - Stage Illusions
168 The Mysterious Cross
171 The Vanishing Performer Trick
173 Queen of Knives
174 The Bodiless Lady Illusion
175 The Ball and Plank Mystery
177 The Pillory Illusion
179 Silent Second-Sight Act
181 The Astounding Cremation Illusion
183 The Escape from "Sing-Sing"
186 The Stroubeika Illusion
189 The Talking Skull
191 The Morrit Cage Illusion
192 The "Goldston Aga" Illusion
194 The Laurie Cabinet Illusion
195 Famous Ducks and Tub Illusion
197 An Instantaneous Exchange
198 The Lady and Scale Illusion
199 A Good Cage Illusion
200 Improved Vanishing Lady and Cage Illusion
202 The Hewes Levitation
204 A Novel Box Trick
207 The Mysterious Head Illusion
208 A Great Levitation
210 The New Tub and Paper Bag Illusion
212 The Artist's Dream
215 The "Bungalow" Illusion
219 The Sudden Appearance of a Lady in an Empty Box
220 The Mystery of L'Hassa
223 The Flower Maiden Illusion
228 The Latest Plant Growing Mystery
230 The Magic Kettle to Hold Liquor
230 The Real "Aga" Illusion
235 Where, Oh! Where Have They Gone?
237 The Vase of Ink and Gold Fish Illusion
239 The Birth of Flora
240 Dematerialization
245 A Variation
246 Conradi's Mysterium

---Effects added in the later edition---

249 A New Card Stunt
251 A New Knotted Handkerchief
252 The Problem of a Glass of Water
254 The Flying Handkerchief
255 The New Cut and Restored Ribbon
257 The Best Method for Loading a Tambourine
259 Quantities of Coins produced by the Handful from Two Hats