Will Goldston: Tricks of the Masters
©1942 Will Goldston, George Rutledge & Sons, Ltd, London
David McKay, Philadelphia,
Hardcover, w/dj, 208 pages
Will Goldston: Tricks of the Masters
George Rutledge & Sons, Ltd. Edition
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Tricks of the Masters
David McKay Edition
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Will Goldston: Tricks of the Masters

Contents (from book ToC):

xi Introduction

1 Chapter I My Attitude Towards Survivalism

14 Chapter II Fake Medium's Tricks
14 The Duncan "Spirit” Message
16 A Good Release
17 A Faked Spiritualistic Padlock
18 The Spirits are Here!
20 Ottoker Fischer’s Spirit Slate

22 Chapter III Card Fanning and Manipulations
22 Howard de Courcy
26 The Card Wheel
26 One-handed Fan
27 The Master Fan
29 The Master Fan (Second Method)
30 The Double Fan
32 The Runaway King
33 The Flower of Cards
33 The Giant Fan
35 Rapid Production of Card Fans from The Air (Howard de Courcy's Original Method)

37 Chapter IV Card Tricks
42 The Improved Sand Frame
42 The Mysterious Appearance of a Card
44 A Different Card-stabbing Trick
45 A New Card Trick
48 The Envelopes and Cards
50 "Stop Me!"
52 Houdini’s Favourite Card Trick
53 The Royal Pairs
54 An Easy Rising Card Trick
57 Your Card!
59 An Astounding Finale

63 Chapter V Close-Up Magic
63 A Mystery Knot
63 A Ring Puzzle
66 Two Magical Jokes
68 Thread It and Release It
70 The Penetration of a Borrowed Cigarette
70 Magical Smoke
72 A Mysterious Match-box
74 The Magical Match-box
76 Under and Over
77 The Dissolving Knot

79 Chapter VI Handkerchief Tricks
79 The Triple Penetration
82 A Quick Change
84 A Good Production
86 A Grim Joke
88 Silk from Paper
91 The Vanishing Handkerchief

93 Chapter VII De Biere's Section
93 Arnold de Biere
99 De Biere’s Bird-Cage
101 The Best Watch-box
104 A Good Shot
105 De Biere's Egg-bag
109 De Biere's Billiard-ball Move
109 De Biere s Method of Causing the Appearance of a Billiard-ball
110 De Biere’s Billiard-ball Production Fake
112 The Production of a Flag from Bare Hands
114 The Birth of a Butterfly
116 The Enchanted Cabinet
118 De Biere's Costume Trunk Illusion

122 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Magic
122 Magical Surgery
124 The Aladdin Writing-tablet
126 The Hidden Message
128 De Courcy's Production Box
128 Another Original Production Box
130 A Good Production Box
132 A Quick One!
134 A "Knave" of a Trick
134 Production of a Dog from a Hat
136 The Production of Lighted Cigarettes
140 Another Useful Container
141 A Complete Cigarette Production
143 A Borrowed Ring and a Roll of Bread
145 The Bank-note Trick
148 Improved Lighted Candle from the Pocket
150 The "Real" Chinese Rice-bowls
152 The Production of a Bowl of Water
154 From Goblet to Goblet
156 The Rising Wine-glass
158 Torn and Restored Sheet of Newspaper
160 Nikola's Changing Tray
162 A Good "Hold Out"
166 The Wandman Improved Drawer-box
166 A Good Hat Loader
169 Grant's Talking Skull
171 A Jar of Jam and a Watch
173 The Latest Ring Trick
175 The Latest Ring Trick {Second Method)
176 The Sterling Egg
178 The New Afghan Bands
180 The Ring Pistol
182 Ring-producing Spoon
183 Bunny Pulls Our Leg!
185 The Enchanted Die

187 Chapter IX Publicity Magic
187 Three Good Publicity Tricks
190 The Best of all Blindfolds

194 Chapter X Stage Illusions
194 Abbott’s Spirit Paintings Illusion
196 A Simple Illusion
198 The Ghost House
200 The Improved Sword Cabinet

203 Chapter XI Let There Be Harmony