Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer Part Two
Second Edition, Revised
© Will Goldston, Second Edition, Revised
Hardcover, 94 pages
The Young Conjurer Part 2
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Will Goldston: The Young Conjurer, Part 2

Comments: The contents of the second edition, revised version seems to be completely different than the earlier "The Young Conjuror Volume II" (note change in spelling from 'Conjuror' to 'Conjurer')


5 Take Notice!: note to beginners
7 Wrong Again!: cards
3 A Handkerchief Changed into a Glove
11 The New Flying Coin
13 The Handkerchief and Sealed Tube
15 The Rising Wand
17 The “Page” Cigarette Producer
20 A Silk Handkerchief Changed into a Solid Billiard Ball
22 The “Real” Hypnotic Wand
24 The New Aladdin Rising Card
25 The Visible Card Finding Box (A.E. Page)
28 A Handkerchief Vanish from a Small Cylinder of Paper
31 The Vanishing Pack of Cards
33 Boxes to Vanish Coins
35 The New Egg Bag
37 An Easy Load for a Rabbit
38 Production of a Lighted Cigarette from the Waistcoat Pocket
41 Ribbons from Water
43 Production of a Bouquet from a Borrowed Handkerchief
46 The Broken Hat
48 The Perfect Colour Changing Handkerchief
50 The Passe-Passe Bottle Trick
53 The “Encore” Changing Card
55 The Improved Frame, Handkerchief and Bag Mystery
57 The “Bertram” Billiard Ball Production
60 The Sunshade and the Handkerchiefs
63 An Easy Card “Discovery”
64 The Wandering Handkerchief
66 The Mysterious Hand
68 How to Make Money
70 The Card Stand
71 The Card and the Coin
73 A Mysterious Change
75 To Pass a Finger Through a Penny
76 The Wine and Water Trick
78 The New Production Chimneys
81 Handkerchief Changed to a Lemon
83 The Tambourine Trick
88 The New Dove Pan
88 The "Chung Ling Soo” Rice Bowls
91 The Inexhaustible Box
93 Index
94 Advertisement: Goldston's Magic