Grant, U.F.: One Hundred Tips & Gags
©1936 U.F. Grant
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 10 pages
              Grant: 100 Tips and Gags
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U.F. Grant: 100 Tips & Gags

Comments: From the book: "A collection of 100 Tips & Gags, Stunts, etc., to put pep in your program. Items that have and are being used by leading performers, and many new ones. For Professional Magicians, Amateur Magicians, Masters of Ceremonies, Impromptu Workers, and All Types of Entertaining. The Majority of these items are taken from my note book. A few are original. It is impossible to give credit to the originators of the various gags, as no one seems to know where most of them originated. I am indebted to W.R. Willison of New York city for several of them, which he uses in his act with huge success."

An example: " If someone asks you to pull a Rabbit out of a Hat. Borrow a Hat reach in same and pull out a Hair (Hare)"

Available as an ebook from Also available as part of the larger compilation by Abbott's Magic, Bag O' Trix, edited by Gordon Miller. This volume was followed up later with "Ninety Nine Tips & Gags"

Contents (From book):

1 Tips 1-7
2 Tips 8-15
3 Tips 16-24
4 Tips 25-34
5 Tips 35-44
6 Tips 45-57
7 Tips 58-68
8 Tips 69-82
9 Tips 83-85

9 The Following are Impromptu:
9 Tips 86-92
10 93-100