Grant, U.F.: 50 Kute Koin Tricks
©1940 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 6 pages
50 Kute Koin Tricks
Abbott Publication Edition
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50 Kute Koin Tricks
Supreme Magic Edition
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Grant, U.F.: 50 Kute Koin Tricks

Comments: 50 coin quickies, each described in a single paragraph. Authorship by U.F. Grant courtesy of Genii's Magicpedia, as the manuscript does not note the author.

Contents (titles are made up from the trick descriptions):

1 Vanish from Stack of Coins
1 Mouth Vanish
1 Coin Card
1 Whiskey Glass Dime to Quarter
1 Coin from Sleeve
1 Coins from Purse Frame
1 1937 Trick
2 Handkerchief Penny Re-appear
2 Dime Mid-Air Vanish
2 Coin Back Hand Vanish
2 Monocle Coin Vanish
2 Coins Thru Table
2 Heads or Tails Vanish
3 Nickle and Penny
3 Coin From Shoe
3 Handkerchief Coin Vanish
3 Audible Heads or Tails
3 Dime on Forehead Gag
3 Matchbox Coin Vanish
3 Coin in Pocket
3 Floored Coin
4 Lapping a Coin
4 Cuffed Coin
4 Confederate Steal
4 Impossible Coin Vanish Gag
4 Coin Balance
4 Push a Coin Thru a Ring Gag
4 Money in Pocket Gag
4 Even Odd Coins
4 Coin Phone Number Prediction
4 Penny Reappears in Matchbox
4 Money in Cigarettes Gag
5 Dollar Change Envelope
5 Chinese Coin to Rice
5 Floating Coin
5 Card In Egg Wand for Coins
5 Clinging Penny
5 Half to Dollar Coin
5 One-On-One Coin Vanish
5 TT Vanish
5 Coin Flip Vanish
5 Pants Pocket Penetration
6 Dime from Cigar
6 Cracked Glass Gag
6 Add-On Gag for Above
6 Hindu Paper Penny to Dime
6 Jim Dandy 21 Cent Trick
6 Dime Store Gag
6 Cigarette Pennies Appear
6 Nailed Nickle