Grant, U.F.: CLIP Clever Little Ideas Presented
©1947 Loyd Jones, Magic Limited, CA
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 11 pages
Clever Little
              Ideas Presented
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U.F. Grant: CLIP

Comments: Tricks with Paper Clips. Available as an eBook from

Contents (from Trickshop version):

1 Introduction
2 Card and Clip: paper clip vanishes and appears on selected card
2 Clips and Chips: date on coin appears on selected carboard chip
3 Milady's Necklace: paper clips become linked
3 Magic Fishing: Magician fishes out three card selections
4 Question Answering Clip: Paper clip moves to Yes, No, or Maybe on index card
4 A Clip Joint: magician picks up paper clips while spectator cannot
4 The Pick Up: balancing paper clips
5 Pardon Me: magician instantly produces multiple paper clips
5 Clip Production: another method, or can be combined
6 With a Little Pull: for a bill switch
6 The Vanish: methods to vanish paper clips
7 A Card to Drink: a glass of liquid production from a deck of cards
8 The Pay-Off: producing a drink for an assistant gift