Grant, U.F. (Pseudo Robert J. Smith)Grant's Brilliant Card Magic
©1969 U.F. Grant
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages

Tanner, Don (editor)
©1977 Popular Magic Publications
Printed by James D. King, Columbus, OH
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 22 pages

              Brilliant Card Magic
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Comments: According to, Robert J. Smith was one of U.F. Grant's pseudonyms. Note: the edition I owned stops at page 16, but the contents page for a 1977 Popular Magic Publications edition adds 16 additional effects as listed below

Contents (from book ToC, updated Dec 2018):

2 Hindu Shuffle Card Force
2 Three Methods of Emulating the Pass
2 Three Simplified Card Forces
3 Cutting for High Card
4 Fake Second Deal
4 Fake Bottom Deal
4 Card Thru the Door: selection is found on the door
4 Face to Face: find three selections reversed in deck
5 The Seventh Card: telephone card divination
5 Cards in Pocket: Si Stebbins
5 The Big Think: magician picks out three cards thought of by three spectators
6 The Big Think Variation: variation
6 Dial the Devil: the devil phones the spectator and tells them the card
6 Torn Card Location: 12 cards torn and thrown into hat, magician picks out pieces of selection
7 Easy Card Stab: stabbing and a count to the selection
7 Card in Cloud of Smoke: spectator names card seen in a cloud of smoke
7 Envelope Prediction: card prediction
8 Double Deck Mystery: double stacks
8 Double Face Card Frame: card appears in blank picture frame
8 Three Way Card Stab: two selections found by a stab, and a third from the pocket
9 The Big Card Paddle: paddle catches the selection
9 Card Stab in Cigar Box: cards are mixed in a cigar box, and in three stabs three selections are found
9 The Triple Decker: three selections found in three decks
9 Here's An Idea: for a card stab revelation
10 Grant's Four Ace Trick: Aces all in one row
10 Grant's U-Do-It Ace Trick: follow up for above
10 Dramatic Card Wheel Stab: magician stabs covered wheel to find selections
11 Magicians Miracle: clever location by process of elimination
11 Bushel Basket Card Trick: card divination with an assistant
12 Grants 30 Card Trick: 3 selections pass from one packet of 15 to another
12 Card Peek Location: short card location
13 Count Down Location: selection rises to top
13 Weight Test: magician cuts to same number of cards selected by spectator
13 Ink to Water & Card: Ink changes to water and selection is in the glass
13 A Black Card: gag
14 Is This Your Card: sucker trick with the 5 of Diamonds
14 Grants Two Card Monte: with a gimmicked card
14 The Zombie Card: selection is caught from a dropped deck
14 Color Change Deck: all cards change backs except for selection
15 Practical Poker Deal: idea for a follow up to a Four Ace trick
15 U-Find-It Card Trick: spectator finds selection as all others are blank!
15 Your Card is Red Back: as above, but only red card in blue deck
15 Stand-Up: Magician finds cards selected by three spectators, with a comedy ending
16 Card in Plastic Plates: selection found between sealed plates
16 A Neat Card Rise: using a special glass
---------My copy ended here, but a contents page for another addition lists the following additional effects

16 Cimota
16 Easy Do Card Miracle
16 Whispering Glass
17 Zella Prediction Deck
17 Think
18 A Short Peek
18 Suspense
18 Moe Card Trick
19 Influence
19 Next
20 Card Fan Location
20 Improved DeLawrence Clock Trick
21 Feeling the Spots on Cards
21 Kark-U-Reka
22 Twin-Thot
22 Futuramic