Grant, Ulysses Frederick: Secrets
1928 UF Grant
Hardcover, no dj, 48 Pages

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              Grant: Secrets
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Comments ( The title "Secrets - Malini, Leipzig, Vernon, Jarrow, ..." suggests a lot, but these are merely the interpretations and versions of U. F. Grant to some of the classics of Malini, Leipzig, Vernon, Jarrow and others. Grant uses only one page to describe each effect and method. This book is therefore to some degree a disappointment. Nevertheless I think it is a cheap way to learn the plots and a method to several of the greatest tricks of all time. Just don't expect very detailed descriptions. Grant displays in this book an arrogant writing style with comments like 'This is good' or "The best method" or "Fools all".

Contents: (As noted above, comments below like "Fools All" are the author's, U.F. Grant)

1 Nu Ring Off String: Using a borrowed finger ring. Better than old method of using your own rings.
2 Passing a ordinary half dollar through any borrowed finger ring: No folding coin or trick ring used. This is GOOD.
3 How to put the head on a glass of beer to the bottom of the glass: A great bar room trick that will win many drinks.
4 Best Telephone Book Test: They look up a number in book and you call it out with name. No cards or tricky items used. Direct.
5 $15.00 Telephone Trick: Any card, number and city called out. Any number dialed and person answering tells all.
6 Ordinary blindfold tied around your eyes, an ordinary bag slipped over head and tied around neck: STILL YOU CAN SEE.
7 How to predict who will win tomorrow's ball game: They keep the initialed prediction. No switching at any time. A corker.
8 Escape From Any Handcuffs - No picks or sets of keys required: You can work this immediately. Worth fifty dollars.
9 Nu Floating Cane - Any unprepared cane floats in mid-air and performs most weirdly :.. The best method never released before.
10 Two girls and a basket of oranges: Any girls take turns in removing an equal number of oranges from a basket. Still one ends up with 5 and the other 2. Performer directs the girls at a distance.
11 Three methods of working the finger ring on wand trick: Including the Leipzig Method.
12 Malini Type Button Off Vest - The real secret on this: Button shown several inches away from vest and seen to be missing from vest. Vest is not bunched up in hand or no patches used. The real dope.
13 Hang-Ping-Chien Coin Trick: The real method on this coin classic where a handful of coins pass through a table.
14 Striking A Match On Air: Anyone hands you a SAFETY match an dyou strike it in mid-air. A corker originated by Dick Brooks.
15 Any Card Called For rises from a deck: Special deck does the trick, you can fake a deck easily in a half hour, one man stunt.
16 Grant Sponge Ball Routine - Newest and greatest with many novel additions, great for table workers: By all means you can use this.
17 12 Cards to pocket as used by Tommy Martin and originated by George DeLawrence: No palming or sleights. Fools all.
18 Brain Wave Trick using an ordinary deck: Any card named is found reversed in the deck.
19 Grant's Card Force: A new easy way to force cards for various card tricks that require a clean-cut force.
20 Card In Balloon: No trick stands or special made apparatus used. More natural than all the tricky stands sold.
21 Omar's Deck Switch: The most practical and baffling method of switching a deck of cards.
22 Malini Type Blindfold Card Stabbing Masterpiece: Like all my other secrets I give you the real dope on best method.
23 Leipzig Type Cards Thru Air: Cards peeked at rise thru air without reels or mechanical means.
24 Leipzig Type Card Suspension, where a half of deck of cards cling haphazardly to the palm of hand: Any cards, no stickems or pins.
25 Grant's Ring In Sealed Box: A borrowed ring passes into any sealed box held by a spectator. You can feature this in your show. IT IS GOOD.
26 Comedy Presentation on the Passe-Passe Bottles: This old trick a real winner with this new presentation.
27 Dramatic Presentation on Cut and Restored Rope Trick: Any rope trick can be used on this dramatic presentation.
28 Comedy Patter On Chinese Sticks: A good trick and especially good with this comedy patter.
29 Comedy Patter On Paper Hats and Pants: This popular trick is a wow with this patter.
30 Spy Ring: Any woman looks through an examined finger ring is able to name a previous selected card with great war patter.
31 What Time Is It: Performer reaches in his watch pocket and removes a slip and written on same is the correct time. Great publicity trick.
32 Linking Rings Without A Key Ring: Link and unlink solid rings, a good method and routine. Worth $5.00.
33 Comedy Grand Opening: An unusual production with a laugh then performer loses his shoes. This opening is worth a five spot.
34 Comedy Doughnut Trick: Do you like good comedy Magic that fools them at the same time. Then I say get this and add it to your act. Four ordinary doughnuts used along with two spectators.
35 Comedy Milking A Balloon, Balloon handed out and inflated: Held inverted over a pail and milked, several glasses of real milk.
36 Jarrow Bill In Lemon: There has been all kinds of explanations on this. NOW you can get the real dope.
37 Comedy Check - Write a check out an dtell them to bring it next day and you will cash: Next day it has faded out.
38 Spectator Rope Trick - Magician sits in audience and lets a spectator on stage do a cut and restored rope trick: Good.
39 Razor Blade Trick without a spool switch or a mechanical stand: No danger and clean cut.
40 Nu Gloves To Dove - Never released before: Used by well known professional. Dove not up sleeve or under coat. No ribbon necessary. No danger to bird and always works.
41 Magic T: Kettle - 20 different drinks from one kettle, finishing up with several mugs of beer. All real, no essences. Kettle is unprepared. Milk, coca-cola or what have you, all passed out. Real guarded secret.
32 Ring In Potato: Passing a borrowed finger ring into a potato threaded on a ribbon, ring goes inside potato and on ribbon, ends in full view.
43 Impromptu Cut & Restored Telephone Wire - Walk in any office or house and cut the telephone wire and then restore it.
44 Cut and Restored Light Wire: Any bulb in any lead wire and socket, cut wire and light goes out. Restore and it lights up. No gimmick knife. This is the real McCoy and very good.
45 Physic Padlock Trick: You pick out the sealed key that fits the lock. Any lock and any keys.
46 For Chinese Act - Remove robe and jump around, then from cloth produce on floor a massive pan of water: No covers etc.
47 Double Exchange Illusion with an unprepared trunk: Performer locked in trunk changes places with assistant.
48 Best Packing Box Escape: For special shows you may do and want publicity. No gimmicks used.