Greenway, Nellie: How to Entertain a Social Party
©1890 J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Co., NY
Softcover, 115 pages plus ads
How to Entertaina Social Party
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Nellie Greenway: How to Entertain a Social Party

Comments: "A Complete Guide to Home Amusement and Entertainment". Includes large sections on magic tricks.
There was an earlier version of "How to Entertain a Social Party" published by Frank M. Read, NY, in 1874, which has identical contents up to page 71, so this appears to be a republication of that earlier work with added content. The Frank Read edition did not list an author.


5 The Blue Beard Tableau

8 Tableau Vivant for Acting
11 - Scene II
15 - Scene III
16 - Scene IV
17 - Scene V

19 Modern Popular Conjuring
20 To Determine the Article Selected by the Company, the Performer Being Absent from the Room at the Time of the Selection
20 To Knock a Tumbler Through a Table
21 To Drive one Tumbler Through Another
22 The Restored Handkerchief
23 A Swindle: bet to cut a string and the object won't fall
23 To Make a Cane or Poker Stand in the Middle of the Room
23 The Dancing Skeleton
24 To Guess the Two Ends of a Line of Dominoes
25 To Make a Dime Pass Through a Table

26 The Play Room
26 Blindman's Buff
27 One Old Ox Opening Oysters
28 How Do You Like It? When Do You Like It? and Where Do You Like It?
29 Cross Questions and Crooked Answers
29 Cupid's Coming
29 Proverbs
30 Buff
31 Earth, Air and Water
31 My Ladies' Toilet
32 Yes and No
32 Copenhagen
32 Hunt the Hare
33 Transpositions
34 The Interrupted Reply

35 Games for the Little Ones
35 King of the Crows
36 Pussy's Peccadilloes
38 Bobbing Around, or the Game of Families
40 Loto
42 Fox and Geese
43 Dominoes

46 Diversions: Quick Stunts and More Magic
46 The Kentucky Giant
47 The Elephant
48 The Old Man's Face
48 The Decapitation
49 Hat Measurement
50 The Lost Ring Found: a lost ring is found in a lemon
51 Magic Milk: chemical experiment
51 To Light a Candle Without Touching the Wick

52 Nuts to Crack: Riddles

54 Amusing Experiments
54 Artificial Lightning
54 Miniature Earthquake and Volcano
54 Luminous Writing
54 Colored Flames
55 The Magic Picture: making a frame that only shows the picture when heated

56 Magic
56 To Make Water Freeze by the Fireside
56 To Suspend a Quart Pot from the Ceiling and cut the String in the Middle, Without the Measure Falling to the Ground
56 How to lift Up a Flint Glass Bottle with a Straw
56 To Change Bird-seed into a Living Bird
57 A Curious Method of Restoring a Fly to Life in Two Minutes that has been Dead Twenty-four hours
57 To Make a Loaf of Bread Dance on the Table

57 Card Tricks
57 To Show Cards Drawn by Different Parties, fter they have been Thoroughly Shuffled, as Exhibited by Hermann
59 Professional Pack of Cards
59 The Three Cards Called
60 Metamorphosis
61 To Produce a Particular Card Without Seeing the Pack
61 To Call for Any Card in the Pack
62 To Tell the Number of Cards by the Weight
62 To Tell the Card That a Person Has Touched With His Finger
63 To Discover any Card in the Pack by its Weight or Smell
63 Guessing a Card Thought Of
64 To Tell how Many Cards a Person Takes out of a Pack, and to Specify Each Card
65 To let Twenty Persons Draw Twenty Cards, and make each Draw the Same
65 To Make a card Jump out of the Pack and run on the Table
66 To Burn a Card, and Afterwards Find it in a Watch
67 To Send a Card Through a Table
67 To Produce a Mouse From a Pack of Cards
68 To Make a Card Spring Up In the Air From the Pack Without Being Touched
68 To Turn a Card Into a Bird
68 To Make the Court Cards Always Come Together
69 To hold four Kings or four Knaves in your hand, and to Change them Suddenly into Blank Cards, and then into Four Aces
69 To bring a Card which has been Thrown out of the Window into the Pack Again
70 To Find in the Pack and Through a Handkerchief Whatever Card a Person has Drawn
70 To Conjure a Certain Card Into Your Pocket
70 To Change Five Kings Into Five Queens
71 To Tell Through a Wine Glass What Cards Have been Turned

71 Pea and Thimble Trick: the shell game
72 Chaining and Rope-Tying Tricks
73 The Polytechnic Rope-Tying Ladder Trick: a stage effect
75 The Knife Suspended From the Fingers
75 Excellent Trick With Shilling-pieces
76 Optical Delusions
76 The Miraculous Growth of Flowers
77 The Magic Telescope: optical joke
78 The Basket Trick: a vanish
79 The Bottle Trick: chemical trick
80 The Oriental Ball Trick: three balls threaded on two ropes are magically removed
81 An Excellent Card Trick
81 The Ring and Stick
82 The Hat Puzzle
82 An Impossibility: betcha
82 A Rope Trick: a simple escape
83 The Trick of the Inexhaustible Bottle
83 The Dice Trick: dice through hat
83 The Magic Rings: a brief description of the linking rings
84 To Change a Dime to a Quarter: paper fold
85 To Pass Six Cents Through a Table: with a "stack of coins" gimmick
87 To Pass a Quarter into a Ball of Worsted: or yarn
88 The Twenty Cent Trick
88 To Make an Egg Stand on One End on a Table or Looking-Glass
89 The Magic Cups: bird seed in cup instantly vanishes
89 The Bogle Bodkin: a trick knife
89 To Put a Ring Through One's Cheek: with gimmicked ring
90 Incombustible Paper: chemical
90 Metal Melted on Paper Over a Candle
90 How to Make Water Freeze by the Fireside
91 The Egg in the Phial
91 How to Take a Wedding Ring Off a Tobacco Pipe
91 An Amusing Trick for the Drawing Room and a Good Subject for a Wager
92 To Make a Person tired, or Sweat, at carrying a small Stick out of a Room
92 The Self Balanced Pail
93 How to Change the Spots on Dice
93 To Make a Knot Tied in a Handkerchief Disappear
94 The Hen and Egg Bag
94 The Dancing Egg
95 To Tie a Handkerchief Around Your Leg, and Get it Off Without Untying the Knot
95 To Pull off Any Person's Shirt Without Undressing Him
96 To Place a Glass of Water in such a position that no one can remove it without upsetting it
97 The Penetrative Sixpence
97 To Split a Piece of Money Into Two Parts
97 To Spin a Shilling On the Point of a Needle
98 The Sixpenny Trick
98 To Draw a Shilling Out of a Handkerchief
99 To Rub One Sixpence into Two
99 To Melt Money in a Walnut-Shell Without Injuring the Shell
100 The Vanishing Half-Pence
100 The Sugar Trick
101 The Glass of Wine Under the Hat
101 The String Trick
102 The Bottle Conjuror
102 The Nondescript
102 The Dancing Pea
102 Magic Prints
103 Electric Sparks From Brown Paper
103 To Melt Lead in a Piece of Paper
103 The Ring Suspended by a Burnt Thread
104 The Dancing Ring
104 To Play the Flute Without Blowing Into It
104 To Invert a Glass of Water Without Spilling It
104 The Obedient Dime
105 The Egg Trick
105 To Produce Beautiful Fireworks In a Miniature
106 To Catch Money From the Air
107 To Construct and Inflate a Small Balloon
107 To Give Eggs a Variegated Appearance
107 To Produce a Cannon Ball From a Hat
108 An Aviary in a Hat
109 The Enchanted Clock
109 To See a Future Husband
110 To Know What Fortune Your Future Husband Will Have
110 The Wet Sleeve
110 The Conjuror's Banquet
113 The Dancing Skeleton
113 The Magic Knife: the paddle move
114 How to Double Your Pocket Money