Griffith, Tony: An Invitation to Mystery
©1969 Supreme Magic Co., England
Hardcover, w/dj, 5.5x8", 64 pages

1977 Second Edition
An Invitation to
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Tony Griffith: An Invitation to Mystery

Comments: B&W photo illustrated.


3 Preface
4 Foreword (Ken Spear)
5 Introduction

7 Bubble Dog Card
13 Cuff Link Prediction
16 Thanks For The Memory: memory demonstration with 20 spectators
22 Ring Away: first part of a three stage rope and ring routine
30 Loop De Loop: second part
34 Hitched: third part
38 The Magician And The Mindreader: predict a freely chosen card in two stages
44 The Love Chain: only one key frees the chained spectator couple
51 Which Is The Lighter
53 The Judive Cards
60 A Point In Question