Griffith, Tony: Creative Magic Lecture Notes
©1986 (circa) Tony Griffith
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 60 pages
Creative Magic
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Tony Griffith: Creative Magic



3 Introduction
5 Acro Knot: instant knot in rope
6 Heli Knot: another
7 Silrope: flash opening for rope and silk
8 Knot-Y-Kont: silk routine for children's show
10 Hitched: instant ring (bracelet size) on rope when dropped
11 Looped: double instant loops
12 Loop De Loop: a (bracelet size) ring enters loop on a rope
14 Ring Away: more ring and rope
16 The Bilton Diary: spectator's birthdate matches card selection
19 E.Y.E.: Packet trick with letter cards
23 Object Lesson: picture card divination with four spectators
26 Penny Move: spectator ends up with one of 7 items
29 Person Move: variation for stage
31 Parcel Move: variation for birthday party
33 Pokerdem: a small poker demonstration
37 Back to Back: variation of Alex Elmsley's All Backs routine
40 Wuffinbloon: chosen card in balloon animal's mouth, and introducing the Wuffin Puffer
43 The Wuffin Puffer: how to fold
45 Pseudo Pcychometry: magician determines who put which object in envelopes
49 Procon Rope: combo of Professor's Nightmare and Conway Rope Trick, adapted for children
51 Rainbow Surprise: trick for a Rainbow deck of cards
54 Konfusing Kolors: psychological opener
56 Squaring the Compass: a sort-of Magic Square giveaway
59 Handy: making a handkerchief puppet