Griffith, Tony: Griff on Close-Up
©1967 Tony Griffith, Supreme Magic Co., Devon
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Griff On Close-Up
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Comments (e-Bay seller qr): This book includes one of the best pseudo-psychometry routines ever published. I think it has been completely overlooked because it is a stand-up mentalism routine hidden away in a book of close-up magic. First published in the 1960’s, much of Griffith’s routining has been incorporated into the routines of others. Indeed Maurice Fogel developed his “Second Spot” routine after seeing Tony perform, and discussing the effect with him. But as with any pseudo-psychometry routine, what is the best way to finish? There’s two items left. Well, Tony Griffith has a terrific ending that will truly get a gasp from the audience. I’ve only seen one professional performer use this finish and I was stunned. I asked him where he found it and he referred me to this book. In addition to the above routine which is fully described and scripted, there are many other routines well worth your attention. Especially: Tony’s Miniature Cups and Balls routine; BBC or ITV is a quickie mentalism effect you can carry with you and has all the requirements of apparent psychological mentalism; The Wuffin Puffer is an origami puppet that you make in front of the audience and he then does a trick. This item was later released commercially by The Supreme Magic Co.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Meet Tony Griffith
5 Foreword
6 Introduction
7 Gone By Tube
11 Red Barrels
14Out Of This Universe Plus
16 Miniature Cups And Balls
24 The Chain Smoker
27 B.B.C. Or I.T.V.
30 Thought Snapper
32 Droodle Reverse
35 Pseudo Psychometry
41 Case For Close-Up
43 Wuffin Puffer