Helder Guimaraes: Reflections
Guimarães, Helder: Reflections
©2011 Helder Gulmarães, Sheridan Books, Inc.
Hardcover, 150 pages
Guimaraes: Reflections
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Comments: Edited by Will Houstoun; Illustrated by Catarina Marques.


1 Introduction
4 Analysis of a Magical Effect & Method
4 Cards Across - The Effects & Methods
10 Cards, Signatures and Glasses
30 Analysis of "Cards, Signatures and Glasses:
31 Ideas about "Analysis of the Magical Effect & Method"
34 Space Relations In Close-up
40 Three-Act Structure
44 Inversion System
44 Creative Process of 'Three Cards and a Box"
50 Three Cards and a Box
74 Folded Cards
80 Positioning System
80 Creative Process of "Three Progressive Choices"
84 Three Progressive Choices
97 Ideas about "Three Act Structure"
100 Paired Fragilities
104 Aces and Glass
112 Evolution of an Incomplete Finale
112 Creative Process Starting From “Aces and Glass"
116 Searching for the Intended Presentation
122 Solution by Conditions
122 Creative Process of "Cards, Numbers and Matches"
130 Cards, Numbers and Matches
141 Ideas about "Solution by Conditions"
144 Conclusion
148 Bibliography