Guinn, Scott F: Great Scott! It's a Magic Lecture!
2000 Scott Guinn
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 35 pages
Great Scott! It's a Magic Lecture!
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Comments: Practical, Commercial Magic with Cards, Coins, and Other Things. Lecture notes, not a book. Assumes background in magic, many moves are referenced but not explained. Recommended.


2 Introduction
3 Red Hot Mama's Lips: Signed card becomes the only red-backed card in a blue deck. A second card transposes with the first, and the first is found in a wallet (uses a Kaps/Balducci Wallet)
4 Downs Home: Card counted to and remembered. Magician takes one card from deck behind his back and puts it in his pocket. Spectator deals deck to his card, and finds it missing. It is in the Magician's pocket. Card is returned to the deck, and the selected card is found back in the Magician's pocket again. (good!)
6 The Idaho Travelers: Four Queens distributed in the deck end up in the pockets (99 Queen Display)
8 The Automatic Bottom Palm: described
8 Signed Card to Coin Purse (sitting)
10 Coincidental: Series of card coincidences with two spectators
12 What in the World? Out of this world variation
14 Magic Western Union (Famous Invisible Flying Quarter): With both family and adult patter, jumbo coin finish.
17 Glass Action Suit: coins to glass
19 Great Scott's Flurry: quick series of coin appearances and vanishes
21 In-Tin-Tin: marked coin in nest of boxes. Container is in full view from start
24 Great Scott's Symphony for Ring and String. Finger Ring and string routine.
29 Great Scott's Table Hopping Cups and Balls Routine: Uses 2 cups from Combo set (one Chop Cup). Includes a large ball climax
32 The Magic Jumprope: a family effect. Three short ropes blend into one so a girl can jumprope.
35 Last Word: essay