Guinn, Scott F: My Best To You Volume 3: Close-Up & Stand-Up
2009 Scott F. Guinn
e-Book, 72 Pages

My Best to You
              V3: Close Up and Stand Up
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Comments: The My Best to You series represents some of Scott's best material from his out of print books: Great Scott! It's More Magic and Magishing My Way. They have been re-collected and in some cases re-worked. Volume 1 is on Card Magic, and Volume 2 is on Coin Magic. Available from


4 First Word: Scott Guinn

5 Close-Up Routines
6 Stick Around: an approach to the finger Ring on Stick, with multiple repeats
14 Jellis: a full routine for the Jardine Ellis Ring (actually two are needed)
26 Rings Off...Rings On: a "linking rings" routine for key rings from a keyfob
31 Strung Out: a ring and string routine using a borrowed ring
41 A Trunk Full of Nuts: a two in the hands and one in the pocket routine with real peanuts and an elephant (not a real one)!

45 Stand-Up Routines
46 Rings Off...Rings On...Again!: Adapted for parlor, using a 4 foot length of rope and 5" rings. To be performed behind a table.
48 Guinnward, Ho!: Scott's original Linking Ring move
51 Invisible Card in Glass: Selection ends up in the glass; no gimmicks and no sleight of hand necessary
55 Water Monte: the magician gets taken in a "Monte" style routine with cups of water

59 Stand-Up Routines for Kids Shows
60 Plumber's Bottle: a combo of Tricky Bottles and the Plunger Hat where the spectator is NOT the butt of the joke
62 The Magic Jumprope: variation of the Patriotic Ropes
67 Million Dollar Chocolate: a Miser's Dream with chocolates, and a stream of candy at the end that you can give away

71 Last Word: Conclusion