Hadley, Paul R: How to Develop Mental Magic
©1961 T.S. Denison & Co., Inc., MN.
Hardcover, 117 pages
How to Develop Mental Magic
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Paul Hadley: How to Develop Mental Magic



9 Chapter I The Basic Code
The Basic Code Chart
The Supplementary Words
Questions and Answers of the First Five Words of the Basic Code
Further Stud of the Basic Code
Review of the Last Five Words of the Basic Code
Last Two Words of the Basic Code
Code Words for Numbers Up to One Hundred
Sentenced to Familiarize Code Words

29 Chapter II How to Transmit the Date Correctly
The Date Cards
How to Tell Time on a Watch
How to Transmit the Alpahabet
Review of the Last Seven Code Words
How to Ask the Questions
The Use of "er" and the Pause
Mental Agility

41 Chapter III How to Put on a Performance
How to Acknowledge an Introduction
How to Place our Assistant
How to Handle the Heckler
How to Conduct Yourself
How to Start the Performance
How to Use the Blindfold
How to Use the Question Cards
How to Use the Identity Cards
How to Train an Assistant
How to Finish the Performance
What to Do After the Performance

58 Chapter IV How to Get Bookings

62 Chapter V Conclusion of the Basic Code
The Second Step in the Basic Code Chart
The Third Step in the Basic Code

65 Chapter VI The Secondary Code
The Secondary Code Chart

69 Chapter VII
The Third or Final Code
Third or Final Code Chart

72 Chapter VIII Look At Yourself
Talk About People
Your Voice
You Need High Points
To Prepare for the Act
What About Memos or Notes?
Twenty Points on Stage Presence
Work Harder

81 Chapter IX
How to Obtain Personal Information

86 Chapter X Can I Make Any Money?

87 Chapter XI Conclusion

88 Chapter XII An Actual Show

111 Chapter XIII Compete List of Cue Word Sentences