Hallas, Paul: Mental Mix
©1987 Paul Hallas, Magick Enterprises, Sheffield, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages

©1992 Third Edition
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11",  31 pages
Mental Mix
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Paul Hallas: Mental Mix third edition
Third Edition
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Comments: From the third edition, "the text, with the possible exception of one or two spelling corrections, remains largely unaltered."

Contents: (from 3rd Edition ToC):

5 Introduction to Third Edition
6 Not So Remote Viewing!
10 Name Power
13 A Mental Miracle
15 Mail and Female
17 Pointed
19 50-50 Opener
24 An 'L' of a Trick
26 Problematic
28 NFCF Bag 2
29 Second Message
31 Parting Thoughts