Hammond, Rae: Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles
©1985 Lewis Davenport Ltd., London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 246 pages

©1994 Lewis Davenport Ltd., London
Rae Hammond: Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles
Image courtesy St. Mary's Books

Comments: Over 340 illustrations by Sharon Smith. "Supported by the most perfect hand drawings ever seen you will be captivated by the rope effects, card manipulations, coin moves and effects, mentalist effects, sponge ball routines, cups and balls, false counting of cards, eleven card effect, thimble manipulation, diminishing cards, and so much more. Rae Hammond has meticulously edited the original manuscripts, added the missing Methods for Miracles and added notes which bring the whole up-to-date including some excellent biographical notes on the authors."

Contents (courtesy Dietrick Keller, Magicbooks.be, updated Dec 2022):

8 Methods for Miracles Number One
The N'Gai Dog Race (Ronald Marleigh-Ludlow)

14 Methods for Miracles Number Two
14 a. Ring Release from Cord (Edward Victor)
20 b. Super Card Transposition (Edward Victor)

25 Methods for Miracles Number Three
25 The Late E.G. Brown's Wandering Card (Willane)

37 Methods for Miracles Number Four
37 a. The Late E.G. Brown's Diminishing Cards (Edward Victor)
49 b. A Suggested Addition (Edward Victor)

53 Methods for Miracles Number Five
53 a. A Glimpse into the Future (Peter Warlock)
57 b. Teleslate (Peter Warlock)

64 Methods for Miracles Number Six
64 a. Edward Victor's Eleven Card Trick (Willane)
67 b. False Counting (Willane)

70 Methods for Miracles Number Seven
70 a. A Matter of Design (Peter Warlock)
73 b. Stickertime (Peter Warlock)
76 c. Stickertime Alternative Method (Peter Warlock)

79 Methods for Miracles Number Eight
79 a. Sympathetic Reverse (Edward Victor)
83 b. Edward Victor's Card in the Aces (Edward Victor)

93 Methods for Miracles Number Nine
93 Willane's Intimate Sponge Ball Routine (Fabian)

103 Methods for Miracles Number Ten
103 Billiard Ball Manipulation (Edward Victor)
103 Lesson One Choosing the Right Type of Ball
105 Lesson Two Sleights with One Ball
111 Lesson Three More Advanced Sleights
113 Lesson Four Colour Changes
116 Lesson Five How to Handle the Shell
117 Lesson Six Production Routines
127 Lesson Seven A Combination Trick - The Patriotic Billiard Balls

130 Methods for Miracles Number Eleven
130 Basic Cigarette Manipulation by Edward Victor
130 Lesson One Palming
131 Lesson Two Vanishes and Reproductions
137 Lesson Three A Continuous Cigarette Production
139 Lesson Four Further Sleights
144 Lesson Five Cigarette Fakes and Accessories
146 Lesson Six A Short Production Routine

149 Methods for Miracles Number Twelve
149 Coin Manipulation by Edward Victor
149 Lesson One Methods of Palming and Reproducing a Coin
153 Lesson Two Coin Sleights
157 Lesson Three Changing a Coin
159 Lesson Four Further Sleights
163 Lesson Five Fakes and Accessories
169 Lesson Six The Miser's Dream

172 Methods for Miracles Number Thirteen
172 Thimble Manipulation by Edward Victor
172 Lesson One Introduction
173 Lesson Two Methods of Palming
175 Lesson Three Vanishing and Reproducing a Thimble
180 Lesson Four On Colour Changes
185 Lesson Five Fakes and Accessories
188 Lesson Six Production Routine

190 Methods for Miracles Number Fourteen
190 Card Manipulation by Edward Victor
190 Lesson One: Preliminary Advice
192 Lesson Two: Methods of Palming
198 Lesson Three: The Back-Hand Palm Vanish
203 Lesson Four: Back-Hand Palm Reproductions
206 Lesson Five: Colour Changes
211 Lesson Six : A Manipulative Card Routine

214 Methods for Miracles Number Fifteen
214 Another version of Edward G. Brown's Diminishing Cards (Fabian)

221 Methods for Miracles Number Sixteen
221 Everywhere and Nowhere
221 (a) The Three Guesses by Edward G. Brown (Fabian)
225 (b) Three Guesses in 1956 (Gus Southall)

227 Methods for Miracles Number Seventeen
227 Edward G. Brown's Cups and Balls Routine (Fabian)

235 Methods for Miracles Number Eighteen
235 The Baffling Notes (Willane, Fabian)

242 Pen Portraits (Rae Hammond)
242 Willane
242 N'Gai
243 Edward Victor
244 Edward G. Brown
244 Peter Warlock
245 Gus Southall