Harris, Paul: Close-Up Seductions
1984, published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Hardcover, 6x9", 153 pages
Close Up
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Comments (Stewart Tame): Illustrator: Cynthia Lynn. Yes, I *do* have a lot of Paul Harris books, thanks for asking. The sleights are sometimes complicated beyond my meager abilities, but they're so much fun to read that I don't care.


ix Foreword
1 Bushwhacker: Completely automatic penetration of one card by another right under the spectator's nose, can be repeated ad infinitum with no
clue as to how it's done.
10 Seductive Switch: Ace folded into small packet, Six and Jack shown, Ace invisibly unfolds and changes places with the Six to form a perfect
Blackjack hand.
20 Sensuous Shuffle: Deck shuffled with half the cards face up, instantly changes to all face up as cards are spread, face down cards then rise out of deck, deck given shake, face up cards visibly change to face down, deck shown as mixture of face up and face down.
37 Cab Fare: One Jack place into card case, remaining three buried in deck, Jack spectator thinks of is in card case ... in fact all four Jacks are in card case.
43 Limousine Service: Variation of previous effect in which all four Jacks change to four indifferent cards, Jacks found in card case.
50 Fan Dance: Card selected, spectator initials small piece of paper, deck fanned and piece of paper placed on edge of fan where it magically sticks, paper travels along edge of fan, spectator grabs it and finds themselves holding the corner of their selected card, their initials having mysteriously transferred to it.
59 Air of Mystery: Deck removed from case, squashed between hands, deck vanishes leaving behind only the two Jokers.
69 Deja Vu (Mike Giles, Pat Snowden, Dana Betz, Paul Harris): Four half dollars placed in the hand disappear and reappear underneath four cards on the table.
75 Michael's Proposition (Michael Ammar and P.H.): Good climax to any routine involving cards and coins, fourth coin travels to join other three under spectator's hand, then all four coins and card under spectator's hand, card removed, travels back under their hand.
79 "10" (Jay Sankey and P.H.): Ten of Hearts forced, four indifferent Hearts transform into jumbo Ten.
85 Looker (Terry Lagerould): Self-working joke/trick.
87 Blue Tattoo: Blue backed card causes three others to turn blue as well.
101 Unhinged: Card case shown cut in two with half deck in each half, one side is still attached and acts as a hinge, deck unfolded, case opened, and whole deck of cards removed which are then used for whatever card trick(s) magician desires.
111 Sleight of Ear: Seven of Spades forced, Four Kings and Seven used to show how more ink on card makes it "crackle": packet of Kings flexed makes noise, Seven flexed is silent, Spectator guesses which card is Seven by listening, audible King changes to silent Seven in magician's hands, routine climaxes with Seven becoming magically stapled to card case.
117 Bleached Blonde: Queen seemingly changed to blank card, can be done with borrowed deck and does not involve ringing in an extra card or gimmick.
133 Too Slick: Ace is "buttered" for cheating purposes, Ace slides out from between cards to disappear, finally appearing face down in face up deck.
140 Sweet Stuff: Borrowed coin and the contents of a sugar packet change places with the help of a borrowed bill.
147 Wonder Woman: "Wherein anatomically accurate character portraits of you and a spectator are fashioned from a common deck of cards."