Harris, Paul: Super Magic
1976 Chuck Martinez
Softcover, comb-bound, 7.5x8.5", 134 pages

1977 CM Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 134 pages

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Comments (Stewart Tame): Illustrator: Dwight Dunaway. Paul Harris writes a great book. Some of the sleights are complex though.


1 Foreword by Ron Ferris
3 The Ace Trap: Four Aces shown and dealt to table, three indifferent cards arranged to form trap, one Ace for bait, other three buried in
deck, indifferent cards change to Aces.
9 The Library Card: Card selected, signed, returned to deck, paperback book given to spectator to hold, deck riffled at book, folded up page
pops out of deck, spectator turns to that page and finds it missing with the signed card in its place.
17 Hi Ho Silver!: Coin on top of deck vanishes, appears under card chosen by spectator.
23 Grasshopper: Selected card vanishes from between two Kings to appear between the other two Kings.
30 Revised Revelation: Aces openly distributed throughout the deck, deck cut and each half fanned to show fronts and backs of cards, fans held face down above table, touch briefly, one Ace appears face up on table, repeated for other three.
39 Three Way Display: Card flourish in which the deck is split into three one-handed fans in quick succession.
42 Torn & Restored Coin: Coin shown in three separate pieces, pieces stacked and placed in magician's hand, hand open to reveal whole coin.
47 Double Monte: Queen placed face down on table, two Aces squared and held in magician's hand, tabled card covered, hand lifted to reveal two cards, both Aces, magician now only has one card in hand, the Queen.
52 Honest John's Ace Assembly by J.C. Wagner: Ace Assembly in which the faces of the twelve indifferent cards are all shown as they are placed onto the table Aces.
57 Twisted Collectors by J.C. Wagner: Three cards selected and returned to deck, four Aces displayed, one at a time, each Ace turns face up, finally packet spread to show three face down cards interspersed between the Aces, turned over to reveal three selected cards.
63 The Ultimate Rip-off: Torn and restored card routine that only uses one card, restored at end except for one corner which matches.
77 Re-set: Aces and Jacks removed from deck, Jacks placed face down on table, Aces transform into Jacks, tabled packet shown to contain Aces,
everything can be examined at the end.
87 P.D.Q. Coins Across: Four coins travel one at a time from one hand to the other, very fast, clean handling.
93 Flash Control: "This is a combined flourish control to use for either a top stock or single card control. The sequence blends together the self-cutting deck, a one handed fan and the Charlier Shuffle."
97 Easy Royal: Spectator names favorite Ace, four cards removed from borrowed deck, each shown to be Ace named by spectator, cards dealt to table showing five cards instead of four, cards turned over to reveal Royal Flush in suit of spectator's Ace.
102 Earth Shoes by Looy Simonoff: Magician removes shoe and dumps out rock large enough to fill shoe.
107 "Pain" by Harry Eng: Business card placed on table and straight pin stuck through it into table top, magician slams hand down on upright pin and raises hand to reveal card seemingly pinned to hand.
111 Machine Gun Aces by Harry Eng: Four Aces buried in deck, deck fashioned into "gun", Aces fly out of "gun" on command.
116 Vacuum Cleaner Cards: Deck split into two halves, three Kings buried in "carpet" packet, remaining King placed in "vacuum cleaner" packet,
"vacuum cleaner" magically sucks Kings out of "carpet" and they are found together in the center of the packet.
122 Las Vegas Split: Two Twos visibly split into two Aces each, Jacks dealt to Aces to make four blackjacks.