Hatton, Henry & Adrian Plate: Magician's Tricks
©1910 1st edition, The Century Co., New York
Hardcover, 344 pages
ISBN: 0486425169

©1917, The Century Co., New York

©2002 Dover Publications Reprint

Hatton & Plate: Magician's Tricks
1917 edition
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Magician's Tricks (Dover Edition_
Dover edition
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Comments: (lybrary.com): This book was rated one of the ten basic books for a working library of conjuring by H. Adrian Smith, historian, collector and owner of the largest private magic library in his time. It is a magnificent book featuring tricks from Germain, Conradi, Goldston, Okito, Elliott, and others.  Available as an E-Book from Lybrary.com


2 Foreword
3 Introduction
3 The Conjuror's Clothes
5 The Servante
5 The Wand

7 I With Cards
7 The Pass
10 The Clip: clipping a card from the deck
11 The "Diagonal" or "Dovetail" Pass
14 The Card Palm
15 The Bottom Palm
16 The Change: introduction
16 The Top Change
17 The Bottom Change
18 A New Top Change
19 A Single Change: after a double lift
20 False Shuffles: Intro
21 To Leave a Prearranged Pack Undisturbed While Seeming to Shuffle It Thoroughly
22 Another Method of Shuffling a Pack Without Changing Its Order
23 To Shuffle the Pack so as Not to Disturb the Position of the Top or the Bottom Card or of Both Cards
24 To Force a Card: the classic force
25 The Second Deal
26 The False Count: to show more cards than are actually held
28 The "Ruffle": the sound effect
28 To Spring the Cards From One Hand to the Other
30 The Slide: or glide
31 The Forcing Die: a gimmicked die to force a two or a three
32 The Prearranged Pack: a "Four Benign Kings" stack
34 First Trick with the Prearranged Pack: magician determines which card was removed and placed in the spectator's pocket
35 Second Trick with the Prearranged Pack: Magician determines multiple cards taken by spectator
36 Third Trick with the Prearranged Pack: card at any number
39 Fourth Trick with the Prearranged Pack: dealing all Trumps (Bridge hand)
40 The Color Change: Intro
40 The Color Change - Method 1
42 The Color Change - Method 2
43 The Color Change - Method 3
44 The Color Change - Method 4
45 The Color Change - Method 5
47 To Make a Card Disappear From a Glass: using a gimmicked glass
49 The Transformation of the Jack of Clubs: Spectator's selection is found not just once, but apparently three times in an impossible way
52 The Prediction
54 To Discover a Card Drawn From the Pack
54 Method 1
55 Method 2
56 Method 3
56 Method 4
57 Method 5
58 A Flying Card: selection flies from the deck
59 A Greek Cross: magician determines selection made from four heaps of cards arranged in a cross
61 A Selected Card Appears at Any Desired Number From the Top of the Pack
63 A Card Apparently Placed at the Bottom of the Pack, Appears at the Top
64 A Question of Sympathy: After a 2nd selection is found, the next card picked is predicted to be the 1st selection
64 The Card in the Pocketbook: a card to sealed envelope in wallet effect (palming)
67 The Disappearing Queen: Each spectator claims to have selected the Queen of Hearts, but are proven wrong
69 The Changing Card: an instant visual change to the selected card
72 A Wonderful Change: wrong card is changed to selection by means of a needle and thread
73 With a String - A Reminiscence: introduction to the Obedient Cards (rising card)
74 The Obedient Cards (Alexander Heimburger): rising card in stand
77 Others Methods No. 1 (Thurston): multiple selections rise completely out of the pack into the magician's other hand (stage only)
78 Others Methods No. 2 - Hair Method: an approach for using Invisible Thread
80 Other Methods No. 3 - Mechanical Pack: described
82 Other Methods No. 4 - Prepared Glass: and finger
84 Other Methods No. 5 - Editor's Method: another IT approach
86 The Rising Cards in a Case: gimmicked case
87 The Rising Cards, as Exhibited by Buatier de Kolta
89 One More Version of the Rising Cards: with a clever Japanese fan
90 The Seven Heap: you will select the 7 heap
91 The Sympathetic Kings and Queens: King and Queen pairs are re-united
93 Correcting a Mistake: two persons select four cards of the same value, after correcting a mistake!
95 Thought Anticipated: requires palming
97 The Spots on a Freely Selected Card Will Indicate the Number of Cards Secretly Removed From the Pack
98 The Ace of Diamonds Changes to a Trey
100 The Four Aces: Aces lost in deck are found
100 The Four Aces - Another Method
101 From Pocket to Pocket - First Method: a number of cards transfer from one card to another
104 From Pocket to Pocket - A Second Method: stacked deck
108 The Vanishing Card: using a double facer
110 The Cards in the Envelopes: Fifth spectator selects same cards as four other spectators, and more
112 A Missing Card Found
113 A Feat of Divination: pre-arranged deck
114 To Tell in succession all the Cards in a Shuffled Pack: using the Peek
115 To Call Out the Names of the Cards While the Pack is Behind the Back: pre-arranged deck
116 Another Method of Discovering Every Card in a Shuffled Pack: one ahead but with palming skill
116 To Call Out Cards While the Pack, With the Faces of the Cards Toward the Audience, is Pressed Against the Forehead
117 The Choice of a Card
119 The Reversed Cards: selections turn face up in the deck
120 A Subtle Touch: spectator selects same card twice
121 The Sense of Touch: Magician retrieves cards called for, and causes them to transpose
124 A Mathematical Problem: Any Card Thought Of without a word being spoken (though spectator must remove "suit" and "spot" cards from certain piles
128 The Reunion: The King and Queen meet in flight!
129 Dr. Elliot's Variation in the Rising Cards
131 To Tear a Pack of Cards in Two: a tip

133 II With Coins
133 Palming: Introduction
133 The Palm Proper
134 The Finger Palm No. 1
135 The Finger Palm No. 2
136 Thumb Palm No. 1
136 Thumb Palm No. 2
137 The French Drop
138 A Deceptive Sleight: a false take-away
138 The Miser: Carl Herrmann's version of the Miser's Dream
141 The Peripatetic Coins: coins from hat to glass
144 The Walking Coin: borrowed coins walks out of a glass
145 The Wandering Coins: using a Han Ping Chien style move
146 The Disappearing Coin: using a gimmicked coin
147 How Money Attracts: A ring attracts a coin (I.T.)
148 To Pass Five Coins From One Tumbler to Another: bottomless tumbler
149 The Penetrating Coin: with a shell, plus an alternative handling
150 A Coin and a String: a coin is removed from a string, vanished, and found back on the string (Jardine Ellis Ring style coin)
154 To Pass a Coin Through a Hat: the marked coin passes through a hat while others remain
155 A Coin, a Card, and a Candle: A coin is found bound in the center of a card, and paper inside a candle

161 III With Balls and Eggs
161 To Pass an Egg From a Tumbler Into a Hat: Blown Egg & I.T.
162 To Pass a Billiard Ball From One Goblet to Another: after being covered with a tube
163 The Changing Ball and Flag: using gimmicked balls
165 Novel Effect with Billiard Balls: using multiplying billiard balls of two different colors
168 The Changing Billiard Balls: red & green balls wrapped in handkerchiefs and placed in 2 separate goblets change places
169 The Patriotic Billiard Balls: 3 red balls placed in hat 1, 3 white balls in hat 2, and 3 blue balls in hat 3, but all have red, white and blue balls in them
172 The Egg Ching Ching (Colonel Stodare): Egg and Silk transposition
174 Egg Ching Ching - Another and Better Method
175 A Spherical Paradox, Not so Clear as it Seems (Robert Heller): a billiard balls changes two three, then to a glass ball, which then penetrates into a glass decanter

182 IV With Handkerchiefs
182 To Make a Handkerchief Disappear From the Hands
182 The Stretched Handkerchief: optical illusion
183 The Handkerchief with Seven Corners: another illusion
185 The Mysterious Knots - First Method: three handkerchiefs instantly knot when thrown in the air
186 The Mysterious Knots - Second Method
187 The Transit of Old Glory: a version of the Twentieth Century Silks
192 A Succession of Surprises by Le Professeur Magicus (Adolphe Blind): with handkerchiefs and goblets
194 The Three Handkerchiefs: different colored handkerchiefs in three goblets keep changing places when stacked vertically
196 A Silk Handkerchief Placed in a Cornucopia Disappears, and is Found Tied Around a Candle

204 V Some After-Dinner Tricks
204 An Adhesive Nut: Walnut suspends from the hand (impromptu)
205 An Elusive Ring: borrowed finger ring vanishes from glass and is found in handkerchief
206 A Borrowed Bank Note that is Destroyed by Tearing or Burning is Found Imbedded in a Lemon
208 A Disappearing Knife: inside a handkerchief
209 A Match Trick: matches vanish from a handkerchief
211 The Moving Ears: a gag in which the magician can flex his ears
212 The Talking Glass: a glass can be made to answer questions with the help of some I.T.
212 The Suspended Glass: glass clings to the hand
213 The Tilting Goblet: glass is balanced at an angle on the tablecloth
213 A Broken Match: match is broken in a handkerchief, but restored

214 VI Miscellaneous Tricks
214 Paper Tearing: introduction
215 The Torn and Restored Strip of Paper: using two thumbtips
216 A Substitute for the Metal Thumbpiece (Selbit): rubber
218 The Torn and Restored Strip of Paper - Another Method: 2 strips 30" long
221 Torn and Restored Bank-Note: no TT
223 The Cigarette-Paper Trick: torn and restored
223 A Japanese Trick: wet paper turns to fan of confetti
225 The Disappearance of a Glass of Water, by Okito (Theo. Bamberg): with complex apparatus
227 The Disappearance of a Glass of Water - A Second Method: no assistant needed
229 A Temperance Trick: instant wine to water
230 The Chinese Rice Bowls (With Variations by Conradi): with water vanish using a Lotta Bowl type pitcher
236 Firing a Girl From a Cannon Into a Trunk: brief explanation of this stage illusion
237 A Fruitful Experiment: Two magicians work together to pass multiple lemons from hat to hat, where they all vanish
239 Something From Nothing: paper to flags to red, white, and blue pieces
242 The Adhesive Dice: stunt/puzzle to lift two die without touching bottom one
242 The Antispiritualistic Cigarette Papers: spoken word is found written on a cigarette paper in the same color as the selected tissue paper
244 The Spirit table (by Germain): objects move on a table, although both hands can be seen
248 The Needle Trick (by Clement de Lion): needles threaded in the mouth
249 The Vanishing Glass of Water: glass of water covered with a handkerchief, the handkerchief is tossed into the air and the glass has vanished
253 Phantasma (by Félicien Trewey): stage illusion briefly described
254 A Traveling Wand: Case A with wand is crushed, and wand is found in Case B previously seen empty
255 A Mysterious Flight: a canary trick!
259 The New Die and Hat Trick (by Will Goldston, London): a large die vanishes from a box and appears in a hat
261 A Girl Produced From Empty Boxes (by Will Goldston): another stage illusion described
264 The Nest of Boxes: rabbit appears in a nest of boxes along with a previously vanished borrowed watch
270 The Nest of Boxes - Another Method: appears almost identical, but another approach
273 A Floral Tribute: rings are accidentally dropped into a mess of egg, but when the mess is turned upside down, a floral arrangement appears with the rings attached
276 A Curious Omelet: cooked in a borrowed hat with a complex apparatus
281 The Coffee Trick: White paper to milk, Blue paper to coffee, and Bran to sugar
284 The Coffee Trick - A Second Method: with more complex apparatus
288 The Growth of Flowers: flowers grow from empty pots
291 The Growth of Flowers (Germain's Improvement): more growth
292 The Secret of Rope Tying: escaping from a rope tie
295 The Muslin Tie: more rope escapes
300 A Knotty Problem: thumb tie escape
301 A Knotty Problem - A Second Method: another thumb tie
302 A Knotty Problem - A Third Method: Ten-Ichi Tie
303 The Knot of Mystery: a knot appears on a rope without explanation
306 The Afghan Bands: paper cut products varying number of loops
309 Mnemonics as Applied to Conjuring: The Alphabet of Figures
311 Table of Fixed Ideas: table of 100 words
313 Cazeneuve's Trick: card memorization trick
316 Memorizing at One Reading a Long List of Words Suggested by the Audience: using the Table of Fixed Ideas
316 Kellar's Cube Root Trick: another use of Mnemonics
321 With Apologies to the Audience: selected card to cigarette, tobacco is found in the envelope where the card was thought to be
323 The Clock: description of the illusion
326 Wine or Water: a chemical trick (caution - poison!)
328 Wine or Water - Another Method: formulas that may be drank (not sure I would want to try it!)
330 The Blackboard Test: girl assistant correctly determines total of numbers drawn by spectator (Mnemonics)
334 The Blackboard Test - Another Method (hand signals)
338 A Water Trick: A Duck and water are produced from seven previously empty cups
341 Appendix: Flash Paper, Conjurer's Wax, Rope Tying, Servante, Pull, Slip Knot