Haversat, David: Chanin The Man With The Magic Hands
©2002, 1878 Press Company
Hardcover, 435 pages
              The Man With the Magic Hands
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David Haversat: Chanin, the Man With the Magic Hands


Contents (From book pages; index of tricks follows contents):

1 Author’s Note
3 Introduction
7 Foreword
9 Preface

13 Chapter One
21 Chapter Two
23 Chapter Three
27 Chapter Four
35 Chapter Five
41 Chapter Six
49 Chapter Seven
55 Chapter Eight
59 Chapter Nine
65 Chapter Ten

75 Timeline
77 Seven In One
91 Hello Sucker
149 Cigar Manipulations
237 Silks At Your Fingertips
329 Handle With Gloves
359 Sleeving
411 Appendix
413 Rip-It
419 Mesh Egg Bag
422 Palming Tokens
424 Instruction Sheets
430 Index


Card in Sealed Envelope
Chanin’s Card Marking Kit
Chanin’s Electric Deck
Double Cross
EZ - Card Location
I Have Your Thoughts
In The Dark
It Stumps Them
Malini Outdone
Moving Pip
Scotland Yard
Six Card Repeat
Spectacular Lightning Card and Ribbon
Spectrum Pack
The Big 10
The Creeping Thing
The Four Queen-SIFS
The Haunted Pack
The King Can Do No Wrong
The Leopard Pack
The Slippery King
Three Card Monte
Trans Optic
Two Card Monte or Try to Beat Them
Your Card Please
Your Initials Please

Currency Effects:
Flying Saucers
Half Off
J.C. Visible Coin Vanish
Miser's Pipe Dream
Modern E-Z Coin Catching
Money Burn
Six Bill Repeat or Miracle of the Six Hundred
The Bird

Silk Effects
20th Century Rope and Silk
Amazing Silk Production
Chanin’s Latest Salt to Silks
Clever Silk Production
Handkerchief of Plenty
J.C. Dead Ringer
Salt 2 Silks
Silk Cut
Silk To Lemon
Stupendous Unbelievable Silk Cut
The Silk Winder
Tube 'N' Silks

Rope Effects:
l,2,3, to 1 Comedy Rope Routine
Chinese Torture Noose
Comedy Wrist Tie
Dissolving Knot
Do It Again
I Don't Believe it Rope Trick
Knot or Not
Ridgo Rope
Rope Illusion Excelsior plus
Squirmy Worm Rope

Miscellaneous Effects
Chan-Flash - Production of various items
Chanin's Linking Rings
Chanin’s Miracle Glass - Milk Transposition
Chicken ala Carte - Production of animal from jacket
Cigarette Switcher
Cigars Galore
Clip-Predict - Mind reading with Clippo
Coke Pass
History of a Buffalo Nickel - Joke
Hypno Riot / Hypno Heat
Instant Magic - Thumb Tip Routines
It's A Bloomer - Comedy
J.C. Cigarette to Rose
J.C. Shoe Lace Miracle
Jab It - Knife Thru Coat
Jack and The Beanstalk - Paper tree
Jaysee Cards To Matches
Liquid From ‘Life’ - Liquid production from magazine
Magic Come Apart Pins
Monkey Business or Jocko - Puppet
Open Face Mesh Egg Bag
Penny through Match
Rabbit Production
Ribbob Cut
Salt Vanish
Scotch and Soda Please - liquid effect
Sensational Sword Swallowing
Sex Detector
Stretch It or Cellophane Trick
The Brassiere Comedy Trick
The Magician’s Ring
The More and More Cigarette Production
The Paper That Was - Burned and Restored Napkin
The Secret of Eight - Hustler’s Chain
Thru-an’ Tru - Pencil Thru Napkin
TV Surprise - Production of coins, cigs, etc. from silk
Vanishing Glass of Whiskey
Wool It - Stretching Yam Effect
Your Heart Beats - Joke
ZIP - Pins