Hayden, Allan: Fancy Ring Routine
©1983 Allan Hayden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages

©1997 Revised Edition
Fancy Ring Routine
First Edition
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Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine Revised Edition
Revised Edition
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Comments: By Allan Hayden, The Man with the Solid Gold Hands (He had them flesh plated to match the rest of his body). Photography & Illustrations by Barbara Canazzi

Contents (from 1st Edition book):

i Foreword (Gene Gordon): Aug 1983
ii Introduction (Allan Hayden): Sep 1983
iii Thanks to the Chinese
1 Contents
2 Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine
2 Effect: A bunch of big rings link together, then come apart, while the audience laughs
2 Method: Fake Rings
2 The Proper Order: Uses Five rings of a normal 8 ring set (chain of three not used)
2 The Count
4 Your First Unlink & Link
4 The Fake Pull-Through
7 Linking & Unlinking the Unlinkable - The Fake Link
9 Unlinking the Linked
10 That's Thumb Link!
10 A Single Switch
10 Space Gag
12 The Drop Link
12 The Triple Unlink
14 Pretty Patterns
15 Chain of Five
16 Four on One
16 The Big Finish
18 Patter