Hercat (R.D. Chater): Latest Sleights, Illusions Mind Reading and New Card Effects
©1903 Dean & Son, Ltd, London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 98 pages plus ads

Latest Sleights and Illusions
Cover of 1907 Edition
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Hercat: Latest Sleights, Illusions

Comments: This listing is for the 1903 edition. The 1907 edition appears to have expanded content, as it is 156 pages vs. this edition's 98.


5 Introduction
11 The Wizard's Table
11 The Wizard's Dress

13 The Latest Sleights
13 Improved System In Palming Coins
14 New Fekes To Facilitate Palming
15 The New Bamboo Coin Wand
16 How To Present The Money Trick Under The Improved Conditions
19 Lamp Chimneys And Knotted Handkerchiefs
20 A Chameleon Handkerchief: Various Methods
23 Aerial Angling: Gold Fish Caught With A Rod And Line In The Air
24 Production Of Flags: Old And New Methods

28 Miscellaneous Tricks
28 The Flying Bird-Cage: A Cage Containing A Live Bird Disappears While A Stranger Tries To Take Hold Of It
29 The Enchanted Target And Cage
30 The Ping-Pong Billiard Ball Trick
32 Borrowed Ring Mysteriously Appears On A Wand; Or Disappears From A Glass Tumbler
34 The Inexhaustible Hat - The Latest Methods For "Loading"
37 An American Method Of "Loading" The Hat From A Table Made For The Purpose
40 Charmed Organ Pipes: Various Articles Produced From Seven Large Tin Cylinders Previously Shown To Be Empty
41 The Crystal Cylinder And Mystic Water
43 A Changing Bag: A New Piece Of Apparatus For Changing And Disappearing Various Articles
44 The Candle, Coin, And Card
47 Trick With Four Coins
48 To Run A Sword Through A Man's Body

49 Stage Illusions
49 The Vanishing Lady
51 The Mystery Of She
54 Rebecca Precipitated
56 Le Cocoon
57 Black Magic
58 Strobeika
59 The Cheval Glass Illusion
61 The Birth Of Flora
62 The Artist's Dream
62 The Aerial Suspension
63 Afitarte
63 The Flying Lady
63 A Revolving Lady
64 Mr. Maskelyne's Levitation
64 The Walker Illusion

69 Mind Reading—Clairvoyance
69 The Old System Of " Second Sight"
69 The Silent Method
72 Mechanical Contrivances
73 Employment Of Electricity In "Thought Transference "
73 Use Of The Carbon Pad
75 Tricks Of " Spirit Mediums" Exposed
75 "Dr." Slade And The Late Charles Foster
77 Washington Irving Bishop
78 A Simple Experiment In " Mind Reading"
78 Cabinet Tricks Explained
80 The Dark Seance
80 Table Lifting
82 Lifting A Basin Of Water
82 The Locked And Corded Box
83 The Indian Sack
84 The "Great Handcuff Trick"

85 New Card Effects
85 The New Method Of Palming Cards
86 The Disappearing And Reappearing Card
86 A Mechanical Contrivance To Facilitate The "Back Palm"
87 New Methods For "Rising Cards"
90 Selected Cards Leave The Pack Held By The Conjurer And Travel Up His Sleeve
91 Diminishing Cards

94 Hercat In A New Role
94 An Adventure In India