Hermon, Harry: Hellerism, Second-Sight Mystery
©1884 Lee and Shepard, NY
Hardcover 129 pages
Hellerism, Second-Sight Mystery
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Harry Hermon: Hellerism - Second Sight Mystery

Comments: "Supernatural Vision or Second-Sight, What is it? A Mystery. A complete manual for teaching this peculiar art."

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Author's Note
9 Do Not Read the Preface

15 Chapter I. How Is It Done?
Heller At Horticultural Hall, Boston, In 1877
The Night, November 25
The Second-Sight Mystery
— Its Effect
— What Is It?
— How Is It Done?
Mr. Wright And His Two Companions
The Best Thing Of The Evening
In Which I Meet Mr. Wright And His Companions
At Parker’S
An Awkward Predicament
Mr. Wright Describes The Best Thing Of The Evening

25 Chapter II: The Interview - Mr. Wright Receives No Clew to the Mystery
A Visit To Heller And His Sister
The Interview
What It Is And What It Is Not
Mr. Wright Tries To Find Out How It Is Done
Heller’s Story
Who Invented The Second-Sight
Houdin —
How Houdin Became A Magician
Houdin And His Son
Houdin And The Old Woman
The Devil
Mr. Wright Obtains A Clew To The Mystery
What Is Said About Books On This Subject
$300 The Price Of Its Secret
We Dine With Heller
At The Hall Again
Mr. Wright’s Clew Is No Clew At All

35 Chapter III - The Secret
The Basis Of The Second-Sight
Mrs. Hermon’S Wonderful gift
At A Private Party
Mrs. H Describes Without A Word
Being Said That Which The Owner Knows Not The Name Of
Houdin Again
How To Attain The Highest Possible Success In This Art
How To Begin

41 Chapter IV Lessons: Twenty-One Short Lessons Will Teach The Art
41 Exercise I Colors
43 Exercise II Materials
45 Exercise III Metals
47 Exercise IV Precious Stones
49 Exercise V Materials
51 Exercise VI Materials Continued
53 Review
55 Exercise VII Articles Which Cannot Be Classified
57 Exercise VIII Miscellaneous Continued
59 Exercise IX Miscellaneous Continued
61 Exercise X Miscellaneous Continued
63 Exercise XI Jewelry
65 Exercise XII Jewelry Designs
67 Exercise XIII Form
69 Exercise XIV Shape
71 Exercise XV Numbers, Dates, Etc.
75 Exercise XVI Cards
77 Exercise XVII Countries
79 Exercise XVIII Countries Continued
81 Exercise XIX Peculiarities
83 Exercise XX Letters
85 Exercise XXI Wearing Apparel

87 Language Of Precious Stones

88 Coins
How To Tell The Date On The Coins Of The Orient
Japanese Coins

91 Review
How To Ask The Questions Properly
How To Answer Them
An Excellent Teacher

98 The Secret Telegraphy
How To Describe An Article When Blindfolded Without A Word Being Said By Anybody
A Supernatural Power

110 The Book Mystery Explained
How To Force A Card
The Mysterious Bag

117 The Egyptian Cryptic
Spiritualism Outdone
To Write On A Card Previously Marked And Locked In An Iron Box

123 Conclusion
A Few Practical Hints
Some Valuable Information
The Opening Speech For The Second-Sight
To Cause Fire Appear From The Floor At Will
The Closing Speech For The Second-Sight
Be Sure You Are Right Then Go Ahead