Hermmann, Alexander: Herman's Book of Black Art Magic Made Easy
©1890 The Arthur Westbrook Co., Cleveland, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 94 pages
Black Art Magic Made Easy
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Alexander Herrmann: Herman's Book of Black Art Magic Made Easy

Comments: Interesting how "Herrmann" is spelled "Herman" on the cover. "Containing a grand assortment of magic illusions as performed by the leading Magicians and Wizards of the day. Also contains Tricks With Cards, made use of by noted gamblers, ventriloqusm, alchemy, necromancy, etc."

Contents (from book ToC):

5 General Directions
5 To Pass Balls Through Cups
9 The Magic Lantern
10 The Long Pudding
11 The Egg-Box
12 The Magic Bell and Bushel
12 To Eat Knives and Forks
13 The Hen and Egg Bag
13 The Double Tunnel
14 To Cut Off a Cock's Head
14 To Convey Money Out of One Hand Into the Other
15 Bottle Imps
15 Bonus Gemus
16 To Cook and Omelet in a Hat
17 To Tear a Handkerchief in Pieces, and Make It Whole Again
17 The Phantom at Command
18 To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack
19 How to Change a Pack of Cards Into Pictures
20 The Locked Jaw
21 To Put a Ring Through One's Cheek
21 To Make Three Button Moulds Off Two Strings
22 To Make a Knife Leap Out of a Pot
22 The Melting Box
24 The Globe Box
25 To Draw a Cord Through Your Nose, etc.
25 How to Cut Your Arm Off, Without Hurt or Danger
26 How to Cut a Man's Head Off
26 To Turn Water Into Wine
28 To Cut Glass
28 Trouble-Wit
31 To Make a Piece of Money Sink Through a Table
31 To Throw a Ring Out of a Window
32 Rings Strung on a Double Ribbon
32 The Knotted Handkerchief
34 Ventriloquism
35 How to Make the Pass
36 The Multiplying Mirror
37 The Long Card
37 The Obedient Watch
37 To Convey a Card Into a Cherry Stone
37 How to Eat Fire
38 To Tell the Names of All the Cards in the Pack, Before You See Them
38 The Four Accomplices
39 How to Hold Four Kings In Your Hand
39 The Restored Thread
40 How to Kill a Fowl
40 To Let a Person Hold Ten Pieces of Money
40 To Make the Constable Catch the Knave
41 To Burn a Card and Find It In a Watch
42 The Counter Changed
42 The Marionettes
42 To Break a Gentleman's Watch
43 To Pour Cold Water Into a Kettle
44 The Card In the Egg
44 To Tell How Many Cards Taken Out of Pack
45 To Make a Card Which a Person Has Drawn, Dance on a Wall
46 How to Shoot a Bird
46 A Quantity of Eggs Being Broken, to Find Out How Many There Were
46 To Make Cards, Money, etc.
47 To Change a Card Locked Up in a Box
48 To Write any Name Upon a Paper
48 A Curious Method of Restoring a Fly to Life
48 To Make a Card Spring Up Into the Air
49 To Tell a Card Thought Of, Blind-Folded
50 The Flight of the Ring
51 The Magic Twelve
52 A Person Having Drawn A Number of Cards From a Pack
52 How to Let Twenty Gentlemen Draw Twenty Cards
53 To Nail a Card to the Wall by a Pistol Shot
54 To Make a Quarter Dollar Turn On Its Edge on the Point of a Needle
54 The Toper's Tripod
54 How to Fill a Glass With Beer and Water At the Same Time
55 Seven At Twice
55 To Lift a Bottle With a Straw
56 The Heart and Ball Puzzle
56 The Mystic Dial
57 After Turning a Tumbler of Water Over, to Keep the Water From Running Away
57 The Curious Cross
57 The Sentinel Egg
58 How to Take a Wedding-Ring Off a Tobacco Pipe
58 The Moving Pyramid
59 The Scale and Ring Puzzle
59 The Bridge of Knives
60 The Card Puzzle
60 To Make Ring Jump About the Room Without Being Touched
61 To Force a Half Dollar Through a Table
61 To Make a Party Appear Ghastly
61 How to Crawl Into a Pint Bottle
62 To Bring Baby-Linen, etc., Out of an Egg
62 The Changeable Rose
62 A Notable Hocus Pocus Trick With a Cock
63 How to Suspend a Quart Pot to the Ceiling
63 The Card Changed by Word of Command
64 To Make a Card That is Chosen Separate From All the Pack
64 To Lock a Padlock on Your Cheek
65 The Ten Duplicate Cards
65 A Laughable Secret
66 To Take the Impression of Butterflies on Paper
66 To Pull Of any Person's Shirt Without Undressing Him
67 To Make a Knot Tied in a Handkerchief Disappear
67 The Poised Penny
67 To Burn a Handkerchief and Restore It Whole
68 The Convent
68 To Cut a Loop or a String
69 How to Rub Out Twenty Chalks at Five Times
69 To Pour Cold Water Into a Kettle
70 To Put A Penny Piece Under a Candlestick
70 To Prevent Any One Sleeping at Night
71 The Corresponding Spaces
73 To Lay One End of a Stick Upon a Stool or Table
73 The Letter Puzzles
73 How to Make a Pass
73 The Long Card
74 Palming
74 THe Magic Envelope
75 A Lady's Handkerchief, Like the "Phoenix" of Old, Made to Rise From its Ashes
76 A Card Nailed to the Wall by a Pistol-Shot
77 To Bore a Hole Through the Nose and Put a Thread in it Like a Needle
78 The Magic Dice
80 The Doll Trick, or the Vanishing Puzzle
82 The Magic Vessel
82 Magic Breath
83 The Inexhaustible Box
84 How to Cut a Piece of Tape Into Four Parts, and Make It Whole Again by Command
85 To Fix a Coin to a Wall
86 The Cannon-Ball Trick
86 The Magic Thread
87 The Animated Coin
87 To Make a Sixpence Balance and Spin on its Edge, on the Point of a Needle
88 To Make the Court Cards Always Come Together
88 The Card Found Out by the Point of a Sword
88 To Dip the Hand in Water Without Wetting It
89 The Royal Emigrants
89 To Change the Three of Clubs Into the Deuce, The Five of Spades into the Four, etc.
90 Invisible Yellow Ink
90 Invisible Red Ink
90 Invisible Violet Ink
90 Invisible Green Ink
90 The Restored Flowers
91 To So Fill a Glass With Water That It Cannot Be Removed Without Spilling the Whole
91 The Card Hit Upon By Guess
92 The Feather Trick
92 How to Tell a Person Any Card He Thinks Of
93 The Affectionate Card
93 The Magic Bottle
93 The Magic Half-Penny